SASSA Grants in 2024: Navigating New Policies and Application Procedures

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) continues to play a pivotal role in the provision of financial assistance to millions of South Africans.

In the fiscal year 2024, SASSA’s commitment remains firmly on delivering social grants efficiently and on time. These grants serve as a lifeline for the vulnerable segments of society, including older persons, children, and individuals with disabilities.

People lining up at a SASSA grant distribution center, with officials assisting and distributing grants to recipients. The scene depicts a sense of community and support

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Stokvel Strategies: Maximising Community Savings in South Africa

A stokvel is a traditional South African savings or investment society in which members regularly contribute an agreed-upon amount of money to a central fund. The origins of stokvels date back to the early 19th century and they have since become ingrained in South African culture.

They serve as an informal financial institution where members can pool resources for various purposes such as bulk purchasing, social events, or providing mutual financial support.

A group of people sit in a circle, exchanging money and documents. A sense of camaraderie and collaboration is evident as they discuss their financial contributions and future plans

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How to Reverse Payment on Capitec App Not Related to Debit Orders: Step-by-Step Guide

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Where Can I Get a Loan If I Am Under Debt Review: Options for Borrowers

Individuals under debt review often face the challenging prospect of securing additional loans. Being under debt review indicates that a person is officially recognised as over-indebited and is working through a structured repayment plan to manage existing debts. This process typically involves renegotiating payment terms and amounts with creditors, which can affect the borrower’s credit … Read more

How Much Must I Earn to Qualify for a Capitec Loan: Income Requirements Explained

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Lobola Negotiations: Navigating Cultural Heritage and Modern Practices

Let’s talk about the fascinating world of lobola and how this age-old tradition is still making waves in modern African marriages. You’re at a vibrant African wedding, the air thick with the scent of delicious food and the sound of joyful music. Amidst the colorful attire and beaming smiles, there’s an undercurrent of something deeper … Read more