Easy Guide to SASSA Grant Increases in 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) helps people who need financial support. In 2024, there are important changes to these grants. Here’s a simple breakdown you must read:

Budget and Increase

  • Total Money for Grants: The government has set R66 billion for social grants, with R36 billion to be used by March 31, 2024.
  • How Much More Money: Payments will go up by about 5.6%. For example, a grant that was R500 will now be R510.

Different Types of Grants and Their Increases

  • Older People’s Grants: If you are 60-74 years old, your grant is now R2080 (up by R10). For those 75 and older, the grant went from R2100 to R2110.
  • War Veterans’ Grants: These grants increased from R2005 to R2105.
  • Disability and Care Grants: Both are now R2085.
  • Child Support Grants: This grant is now R510, which is R10 more.
  • Foster Child Grant: Now R1130.
  • Child Care Dependency Grant: Now R2090. The extra money for child support stays the same at R250.

Who Can Get These Grants?

  • Income Rules: If you are alone, you should earn less than R52800 a year. For couples, it’s less than R105600.
  • Age Rule for Children: The child should be under 18 years old.
  • Limit on Non-Biological Children: You can get grants for up to six children who are not your own.

How You Get Paid

  • Amount Per Child: You will get R510 for each child, including an extra R250.
  • Ways to Get Your Money: You can get your grant in cash, by bank deposit, or through other financial ways.
  • Changes and Checks: SASSA might change the grant amount or check if you still qualify.

Where to Get Your Grant

You can collect your grant at ATMs, stores, post offices, or with the Mobile Pay app. SRD and Child Care Grants can be transferred to your bank or through the SASSA card or Cash Send.

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