Hollard Insurance Review: Comprehensive Guide to Policies and Services

Hollard Insurance stands as South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group. The conglomerate encompasses both The Hollard Insurance Company and Hollard Life Assurance Company. Catering to a broad spectrum of clients, Hollard provides a myriad of insurance and investment products. Their offerings span across personal, commercial, and corporate sectors, ensuring a comprehensive service palette tailor-made to the varying needs of each distinct customer base.

The versatility in their insurance solutions is evident, with products that cover a range of needs from vehicle and home insurance to life and funeral coverage. Not only does Hollard Insurance offer traditional insurance policies, but they also present the option to create and purchase certain policies online — a modern convenience that speaks to their adaptability and customer-focused approach. This ability to efficiently set up a policy online demonstrates their commitment to simplicity and reliability.

Hollard Insurance also prides itself on its accessible after-sale support, which includes straightforward processes for claims. Understanding the importance of customer assistance, they guide policyholders through the claims process with ease and expertise, highlighting their focus on user-friendly experiences and robust support systems.

History of Hollard Insurance

Hollard Insurance, established in 1980 in South Africa, solidified its position as a formidable entity in the insurance sector through strategic growth and international ventures.

Founding and Growth

Hollard was founded by Robert Enthoven and his son Patrick Enthoven, marking its inception as a forward-thinking insurance company based in Johannesburg. It distinguished itself by becoming South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group. The company’s trajectory of growth involved diversifying its offerings from solely business insurance products. In 2008, they launched Etana Insurance, a noteworthy point in its timeline as it became South Africa’s exclusive business insurer.

Hollard Insurance Products

Hollard Insurance Group offers a comprehensive range of insurance products catered to meet the diverse needs of their clientele, spanning across individuals, families, and various business sectors. Emphasising security and financial resilience, Hollard’s portfolio includes life insurance, home and contents coverage, business insurance solutions, vehicle protection, and specialised sector policies.

Life Insurance

Hollard Life Assurance Company provides Life Insurance solutions that secure the financial future of policyholders and their families. This includes:

  • Funeral Insurance: Covers funeral expenses, ensuring a dignified farewell without financial burden.
  • Critical Illness Cover: Offers a lump sum payment upon the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.
  • Disability Cover: Financial protection in the event of temporary or permanent disability.

Home and Contents Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance policies safeguard one’s home and personal belongings. Products include:

  • Buildings Insurance: Protection against damage to the physical structure of your home.
  • Contents Insurance: Coverage for your personal possessions within the home against theft, loss, or damage.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance products cater to commercial entities, offering tailored solutions like:

  • Commercial Insurance: Protects businesses against various risks, including property, liability, and interruption losses.
  • Specialist Sector Insurance: Tailored insurance for specific industry sectors, such as Marine and others.

Vehicle Insurance

Hollard’s Vehicle Insurance extends to:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: Covers accidental damage, theft, and third-party liabilities.
  • Extended Car Warranty: Provides warranty coverage that extends beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Specialist Sector Insurance

Specialist Sector Insurance addresses the unique risks within specific sectors, ensuring robust protection:

  • Marine Insurance: Coverage for transportation of goods by sea, encompassing cargo damage and liability.
  • Pet Insurance: Financial protection against veterinary costs for your pets.

Through these various insurance products, Hollard strives to deliver peace of mind and financial protection across multiple facets of personal and business life.

Customer Services and Support

Hollard Insurance offers a comprehensive suite of services to its wide-ranging customer base, ensuring that from underwriting to claims, and through partnerships, the process is seamless and professional.

Underwriting and Claims Process

Hollard’s underwriting process is designed to be meticulous and customer-focused, thereby balancing risk and premium setting with customer need. They are a licensed non-life insurer offering various insurance products. Their claims process is streamlined for efficiency, using platforms like a 24/7 WhatsApp channel for submitting funeral claims, and other support systems to ensure timely responses and resolution.

Customer Base

The company caters to a diverse customer base, which includes individual consumers, commercial entities, and corporate clients. They make provisions to offer personalised services that meet the distinct needs of each group, ensuring a wide reach within the insurance market.


Hollard has established strong partnerships that enhance its service delivery. As authorised financial services providers, they work with trained brokers who are well-equipped to offer quality services both locally and internationally. These relationships are instrumental in providing a top-notch customer experience and expanding their service capabilities.

Financial Products and Benefits

Hollard Insurance provides an array of financial products designed to offer comprehensive coverage and benefits tailored to customer needs. They emphasise value-added features like cashback incentives and comprehensive health support plans.

Cashback Benefits

Hollard’s Cashback Benefit is a notable feature in several of their insurance products. Customers can enjoy the financial perk of receiving a portion of their premiums back if they do not make any claims over a specific period. This serves as a reward for staying claim-free and offers an added incentive to invest in their insurance products.

Health Assist Plans

Hollard Insurance extends its offerings to Health Assist Plans, which provide policyholders with essential support services. They aim to ensure that customers have access to health advice, emergency services, and a range of medical assistance functions. These plans are crafted to offer reassurance and practical aid in times of medical need, enhancing the overall value of the insurance coverage.

Corporate Responsibility and Future Outlook

Hollard Insurance demonstrates a keen dedication to facilitating social wellbeing and ensuring that individuals and businesses have the security they need to embrace necessary risks for societal advancement.

Commitment to a Better Future

Hollard, as a privately owned insurer, aligns its core operations with the aim of contributing positively to society’s progress. The company recognises that insurance plays a crucial role not just in risk management, but also as a tool for social empowerment. Their corporate social investment endeavours are designed to enable a better future for more people, adhering to robust ethical and governance practices to benefit all stakeholders involved.

Security and Assurance

Providing security and assurance to its clients, Hollard’s corporate insurance team forges targeted solutions to safeguard significant asset values. They couple deep underwriting expertise with structured insurance programmes that mitigate business interruption risks. This strategic approach allows companies the freedom to operate without the looming worry of potential financial setbacks, thereby maintaining a steady course towards growth and development.

Industry News and Updates

The Hollard Insurance Group has recently expanded its market presence by acquiring a strategic stake in an insurtech startup. This move signals Hollard’s commitment to innovation and growth in the insurance sector, illustrating a forward-thinking approach by embracing technological advancements.These strategic decisions and performance indicators portray Hollard as an adaptable and enduring player in the insurance industry, looking to the future with a clear, strategic vision.

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