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Investec is a prominent player in global investment, offering a suite of investment products and services with a strong presence in South Africa and operations extending into the UK, Switzerland, Mauritius, and Guernsey. This is the bank I use, and it is great – no complaints! Their approach combines local expertise with international reach, aiming to meet the diverse needs of their clientele. By providing access to a range of banking and investment services, Investec supports individuals in creating, growing, and preserving wealth across generations.

In wealth management, Investec presents a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to tailor to the varied requirements of investors at different stages of their financial journey. The firm applies a disciplined investment methodology from retirement planning to legacy building. Investors benefit from the insights of dedicated professionals who bring a global perspective to managing retirement investments and pension funds.

Emphasising a balance between high-tech solutions and personal service, Investec’s digital platform, Investec One Place™, allows clients to manage their financial assets efficiently. Clients can actively engage in self-managed investments, drawing upon the support of Investec’s stockbrokers and the expansive international expertise of Investec Wealth & Investment. With a focus on security and potential for growth, Investec also offers a variety of savings products to cater to different savings goals and investment timelines.


Overview of Investec

Investec is an established financial institution with over 40 years of heritage that operates primarily within two core geographies: the UK and South Africa. It is known for its specialist banking offerings and wealth & investment services.

History and Evolution

Investec began its operations in Johannesburg, South Africa, signalling its entry into the finance sector. Over the decades, it has expanded its reach, becoming a notable player in international markets with a strong European presence and extended operations in the Asia-Pacific region. The evolution of Investec is characterised by its adaptation to changing economic climates and its commitment to providing tailored financial solutions.

Corporate Structure

Investec operates through various entities to manage its services efficiently across territories and sectors. Operating under a Dual Listed Companies (DLC) structure, Investec Group is divided principally between Investec Limited, based in Johannesburg, and Investec plc, listed in London.

  • Investec Limited
    Functioning primarily in Southern Africa, it serves the local markets with various financial services.

  • Investec plc
    This is the entity through which the group manages its UK operations and international dealings, with its listing on the London Stock Exchange allowing for a broader global reach.

  • Investec Bank Ltd
    Operates as the banking arm, providing specialist banking services to its clientele.

By maintaining this corporate structure, Investec ensures that it can address the diverse needs of its clients while adhering to the regulations of its primary markets.

Investec’s Financial Services

Investec provides a range of financial services designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses, aligning with their investment and wealth goals. Their offerings include private banking, wealth management, investment services, and specialised finance solutions delivered through a global network of expertise.

Private Banking

Through Investec One Place™, Investec offers Private Bank accounts that cater to the bespoke needs of their clients, offering a suite of banking and investment services. They focus on local and international banking, providing a holistic approach to managing their clients’ wealth. Services such as foreign exchange, lending, and interest rate management are also part of their private banking solutions.

Wealth Management and Investment Services

Investec’s Wealth Manager provides personal investment services that assist clients in creating, growing, and preserving their wealth. The investment management includes portfolio management and global diversification, driven by local and international investment expertise. Clients benefit from comprehensive Wealth Management services tailored to individual investment goals and preferences.

Wealth Management ServicesDescription
Portfolio ManagementTailored investment portfolios based on client needs.
Global DiversificationAccess to international markets for investment growth.

Specialised Finance Solutions

Investec offers Specialised Finance services, including property finance, private capital, and treasury solutions. Investec provides structured Property Finance for various investment opportunities, applying their financial acumen to offer competitive Financing and Lending terms. With tailored financial solutions, Investec adeptly addresses the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the diverse needs of its clientele.

The company’s approach to finance is characterised by innovation and a commitment to delivering out-of-the-ordinary service levels, backed by a deep understanding of market dynamics and client objectives.

Investment Offerings

Investec offers a comprehensive suite of investment services tailored to meet the financial aspirations of its clients. From individual portfolio management to retirement planning and global investment strategies, Investec’s offerings cater to a diverse clientele, including high-net-worth individuals seeking to maximise their wealth journey.

Portfolio Construction and Management

Investec provides bespoke portfolio construction and management services designed to align with its clients’ individual investment goals and risk appetites. Stockbroking services allow for the buying and selling securities across major markets such as the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia, giving clients the opportunity for global diversification. Dedicated stockbrokers and investment managers bring their expertise to the table, ensuring that each portfolio is meticulously crafted and managed to achieve optimal performance.

Retirement and Savings

Offering a range of products geared towards retirement investments and long-term savings, Investec assists clients in preparing for their future financial security. Focusing on local and offshore markets, the firm helps individuals build substantial retirement savings through tailored investment solutions. Investment options are designed to sustain wealth, ensuring clients enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Global Investment Strategies

Investec’s approach to global investment strategies encompasses a rigorous process utilising the insights of financial experts from across the globe. This ensures clients benefit from various investment opportunities in different economic environments. Whether via direct investments or utilising Investec’s online investment platform, clients have access to a secure and sophisticated environment for executing their global investment strategies.

Insights and Expertise

Investec offers expertise and detailed insights to navigate the complex investment landscape. With a range of specialists providing up-to-date analysis and educational resources, they equip investors with the necessary tools for informed decision-making.

Market Insights from Investec Focus

Investec Focus is a platform where the firm’s experts share their latest market insights. Articles, videos, and podcasts cover various topics, from economic trends to sector-specific news, helping to provide a comprehensive view of current market conditions. Insights are crafted not just for immediacy but for their enduring worth, offering a long-term perspective on market movements.

Expert Views and Analysis

Investment experts from Investec provide independent and relevant equity research and financial modelling, contributing to investors’ decision-making processes. Their analysis often touches on implications derived from macroeconomic shifts, industry reports, and changes within the technology, media, and telecoms sectors. This expertise is underscored by partnership opportunities that add substantial value to an investor’s portfolio.

Financial Education and Guidance

Investec prioritises financial education by providing guidance that encompasses the Financial Times of London for global perspectives and local market nuances to educate their clientele. Their resources are designed to assist at various investment stages, whether one is a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the investment world. Knowledgeable specialists offer products and strategies for capital preservation, security, and achieving exceptional returns.

Client Experience at Investec

Investec aims to provide a comprehensive and tailored experience for clients managing their wealth, focusing on high-net-worth individuals through its Investec One Place™ platform and dedicated services.

Wealth Journey with Investec One Place™

Investec One Place™ constitutes a unified platform where clients can access various services to manage and grow their wealth. The journey begins with personalised financial planning, integrating savings, investments, and other financial interests into a centralised view. They can track their entire wealth journey, encompassing domestic and international assets.

  • Personalisation: Customising every aspect of the wealth journey
  • Integration: Combining banking and investment services seamlessly
  • Accessibility: Providing a full view of the client’s portfolio at any time

Services for High Net Worth Individuals

Investec acknowledges the need for more intricate and bespoke wealth management strategies for high-net-worth individuals. Investec delivers a spectrum of specialised services, including investment management, estate planning, and structured lending.

  • Investment Management: Diverse options tailored to individual risk profiles.
  • Estate Planning: Ensuring wealth is managed and transferred according to the client’s wishes.
  • Structured Lending: Flexible lending solutions to leverage investment opportunities.

Investec’s approach to client service emphasises customisation and connectivity, ensuring that high-net-worth individuals receive attentive and sophisticated care to navigate their financial landscapes effectively.

Sustainable and Responsible Investing

Investec is positioned as a sustainable and responsible investing leader, focusing on integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into its investment processes and actively engaging in community development within South Africa and beyond.

ESG Integration in the Investment Process

Investec’s Global Sustainable Equity Fund exhibits its commitment to sustainable investing, aiming for a 100% net positive impact. Investments align closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting a global perspective on responsible capital allocation. Enhanced analytics and robust ESG frameworks underpin investment decisions, ensuring that each portfolio meets financial criteria and contributes positively to environmental and societal outcomes.

Community Engagement and Development

Investec Wealth & Investment’s strategic philanthropic activities extend to managing foundation investments with a market value of 1.2 billion rand in South Africa. The firm’s community engagement programmes are designed for long-term sustainable impact, delivering on social responsibilities and contributing to the region’s economic development. The organisation also features in the Corporate Knights’ Global Top 100 Most Sustainable Corporations 2023, which underscores its commitment to not just profiting from but also actively contributing to the sustainability of the communities it serves.

Industry Recognition and Awards

Investec Group has consistently received accolades for its performance in the financial services sector, particularly being honoured with titles such as Best Private Bank. Their recognition stems from longstanding service quality and innovative strategies within the industry.

Awards for Best Private Bank

Investec has been distinguished as the ‘Best Private Bank and Wealth Manager in SA’ for ten consecutive years. This streak underlines their position as a leading bank in the financial services realm. The honours are attributed to the Financial Times of London, highlighting the prominent role of Investec in maintaining high standards in private banking services.

Accolades in Financial Services

At the annual Africa Structured Products & Alternative Investments Conference, organised by Structured Retail Products, Investec has shone brightly. Their expertise in structured products has set them apart within the financial services industry, aligning with the group’s ambition to lead with innovative financial solutions. These awards showcase Investec’s proficiency in offering comprehensive services and products tailored to diverse investment needs.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Investec actively sponsorships and partnerships with various sports, art, and cultural initiatives. These collaborations aim to enhance their brand and resonate with their core values.

Investec’s Involvement in Rugby

Investec has a significant presence in rugby, marked by its high-profile sponsorship of the Investec Rugby Champions Cup. The institution has embarked on a new journey within the sport, signing a five-year contract as the title partner for the prestigious Rugby Champions Cup, a relationship that reignites Investec’s historical tie with rugby.

Collaborations with Industry Leaders

Aiming to foster innovation, Investec also collaborates with leaders across different industries. Their partnerships are strategic and focused on mutual growth and innovation. Especially noteworthy is the association with fintech firms, which sees Investec work closely through its open banking platforms and investment vehicles, ensuring that the onboarding process for new fintech partners remains streamlined and efficient. They identify with entities with a similar ethos of energy and exceptional talent, reflecting Investec’s dedication to excellence.

Rathbones, a counterpart in the financial field, is another example of partnership, representing a shared vision of commitment to adding value and fostering growth within their respective markets. These relationships underline Investec’s dedication to business development and contributing to the broader social and cultural landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investec Wealth & Investment offers a range of financial services and investment opportunities. This section concisely answers some of the most common enquiries from prospective and current clients.

What are the criteria for becoming an Investec private wealth client?

Individuals must meet certain investment and asset criteria to become a private wealth client with Investec. These prerequisites ensure that their services align with their client’s financial goals and capabilities.

Can clients purchase shares directly through Investec?

Investec Wealth & Investment allows clients to buy shares directly. They offer a comprehensive service which includes advice and access to equity markets.

How does Investec Wealth and Investment ensure the safety of client investments?

Investec Wealth & Investment prioritises the safety of client investments through rigorous compliance with regulatory standards and by employing robust security measures in their investment practices.

What is the process for accessing Investec’s offshore investment options?

Clients interested in Investec’s offshore investment options must undergo a consultation process. This process assists in understanding the client’s objectives and providing suitable offshore investment solutions.

What is the best approach to contact Investec Wealth and Investment for services?

To engage Investec Wealth & Investment’s services, potential clients can reach out via their dedicated client support channels or their website, which guides account set-up and management.

How does Investec Wealth and Investment compare with other top investment firms in South Africa?

Investec Wealth & Investment is known for its bespoke services and strong track record. They are often compared with other leading firms based on their service offering, expertise, and the performance of their investment portfolios.

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