Old Mutual Investment Group Strategies: Navigating Modern Portfolio Management

Old Mutual Investment Group stands as a prominent African fund manager with a rich heritage in providing a broad spectrum of investment capabilities. Established as a key player in the financial services sector, Old Mutual is known for its commitment to delivering sustainable long-term returns. The firm takes pride in being a responsible steward of the assets it manages, ensuring that its investment strategies align with the interests of its clients.

The company operates across multiple markets in 14 countries, offering financial solutions that cater to both retail and corporate customers. Its services range from investment and savings products to insurance and banking solutions, demonstrating a diverse portfolio that addresses the varying needs of its clientele. Headquartered in South Africa, Old Mutual has a robust presence on major African stock exchanges, including those in Johannesburg, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana.

Through tailored investment plans and products, Old Mutual seeks to assist individuals and businesses in achieving their financial goals. By providing options such as unit trusts, tax-free investing, and retirement solutions, the group endeavours to support its customers in wealth creation and financial security, distinguishing itself as an institution that embodies trust and expertise in the African investment landscape.

Who We Are

Old Mutual Investment Group stands as a testament to enduring financial services, offering a spectrum of investment solutions. Their approach is deeply entwined with a rich history and a defined corporate structure.

History and Background

Established in 1845, Old Mutual has grown to become a significant player in the financial services industry, notably within the investment sector. It’s a brand synonymous with long-term savings and investments, initially founded to serve the needs of an emerging market in South Africa. Over nearly two centuries, the institution has expanded its reach, serving diverse clients across 13 African countries and entering markets such as China.

Corporate Structure

Old Mutual Investment Group is part of Old Mutual Limited, operating as its asset management arm. The group is responsible for listed investments and sustains a corporate structure that upholds specialisation and focus. Specialist investment teams are propelled by robust operating systems, designed to ensure efficient management of assets. Their structure supports the collective effort towards achieving sustainable long-term returns for clients.

Investment Services

Old Mutual Investment Group offers a comprehensive range of services centred on creating wealth for its clients through targeted investment strategies and funds management.

Funds Management

Old Mutual Investment Group is recognised for its funds management expertise. They manage a variety of investment products designed to meet different risk appetites and financial goals. They emphasise sustainable, long-term returns, which cater to both retail and corporate clients. Their funds span across multiple asset classes, with a promise of careful stewardship and a keen focus on driving growth.

Asset Allocation Strategy

The asset allocation strategies employed by Old Mutual are tailored to align with individual investor goals, whether it’s for short-term gains or long-term investments. By analysing market trends and leveraging their comprehensive range of investment capabilities, they ensure that each portfolio is strategically diversified. This approach is aimed at maximising returns while managing the risks associated with different investments.

Stewardship and Corporate Governance

Old Mutual Investment Group is recognised for incorporating stewardship and ethical considerations into its corporate governance framework. The group strives to ensure long-term value for its stakeholders while prioritising sustainable and ethical investment practices.

Sustainability Initiatives

The Investment Group engages in stewardship with an emphasis on sustainability. It integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into its decision-making processes. This approach not only aligns with the broader societal interest but also enhances the sustainable long-term value of its investee companies. Data from 2021 highlight proxy voting and engagement activities as key aspects of Old Mutual’s stewardship strategy.

Ethical Investment Practices

Old Mutual’s commitment to ethical practices is evident in its application of the King IV principles which underpin its corporate governance policies. The principles promote ethical leadership and responsible corporate citizenship. The Group Governance Framework (GGF) ensures that while there is maximum devolution of responsibility to subsidiaries, the clarity of relationships and avoidance of duplication are maintained across the group. The concept of proportionality is applied to reduce administrative burdens while upholding strong governance principles.

Financial Products

Old Mutual offers a comprehensive range of financial products tailored to both individual and institutional clients. These include various investment plans and solutions devised to cater to specific financial needs and goals.

Retail Investment Solutions

Old Mutual’s Retail Investment Solutions aim to provide individuals with the opportunity to create and manage wealth. It includes:

  • Investment & Savings Plans: A selection of plans to help individuals save for future expenses, such as retirement or education costs.
  • Unit Trusts: Investors can choose from a variety of funds managed by Old Mutual Unit Trust Managers, which is authorised by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

Institutional Investment Services

For institutional clients, Old Mutual Investment Group delivers:

  • Fund Management: Expertly managed local and global investments across various asset classes.
  • Listed Equity Stewardship Services: These services allow South African institutional investors to access comprehensive listed equity portfolios.

The institution also ensures compliance with relevant financial regulations to maintain the highest standards of financial services.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIG) integrates corporate social responsibility (CSR) within its core business strategies, underpinning a commitment to sustainable socio-economic development in the communities it serves. This approach combines the pursuit of business objectives with the intention to make a positive impact on society.

CSR involves a range of activities. Education is a focal area for Old Mutual, with initiatives aimed at advancing educational development. This reflects a strong belief that education is a critical lever for societal advancement. Initiatives may include scholarships, learning programmes, and infrastructure support for educational institutions.

Community Engagement:

  • Staff volunteer time and make financial contributions through mechanisms like the Green Hands Trust.
  • Projects address community needs, including education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Stewardship:

  • Efforts to decrease its operational footprint; a reduction by 23% against a 2019 baseline has been recorded.
  • Investment products such as the Old Mutual ESG Equity Fund have acquired a notable AAA MSCI ESG Rating.

In recognition of its CSR efforts, OMIG has been awarded titles such as Best ESG Responsible Investor Africa. These acknowledgements reaffirm the group’s continual commitment to responsible investing and making a difference in the lives of communities.

OMIG’s CSR strategy upholds the principle of shared value: creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society. It encapsulates a company-wide ethos of being socially responsible and maintaining practices that foster social well-being alongside business growth.

Market Insights and Outlook

Old Mutual Investment Group has demonstrated a strategic approach to leveraging market imperfections and trends to drive performance. Their insights provide a robust foundation for understanding current economic and investment climates.

Economic Indicators

Old Mutual Investment Group scrutinises a range of economic indicators to inform their market outlook. In 2022 and leading into 2023, they have analysed the imperfections in the market due to evolving trends, using these insights to deliver strong short-term performance. Key indicators include but are not limited to inflation rates, GDP growth, and unemployment figures. These metrics are essential for painting a comprehensive picture of market health and potential investment opportunities.

Investment Trends

Investment trends form the core of Old Mutual’s portfolio strategies. With the influence of global events, the group has observed a shift towards responsible investing and a diversified portfolio to withstand market cycles. The focus is not just on short-term gains but also on sustaining performance in the face of changing market dynamics. Old Mutual engages in a range of investment capabilities such as fundamental and quantitative investments, ensuring robustness in their approach and alignment with the latest market trends.

Contact and Customer Support

Old Mutual Investment Group prioritises efficient service and customer support. They provide several contact options tailored for different needs.

General Inquiries:

Customer service lines are operational during standard business hours, ensuring prompt assistance.

Physical Address:

  • Old Mutual Investment Group, South Africa.

For precise locations and additional details regarding the Investment Group’s offices, a direct call or visit to their official website is advisable.

Client Services for Policy Enquiries:

  • Within South Africa: 0860 50 60 70
  • International: +27 21 509 2765
  • Email: Policy Enquiries

Policyholders can direct their queries here to receive tailored support.

Institutional Client Services:

Institutions seeking investment support can reach out through these dedicated channels.

For comprehensive information or access to additional resources such as FAQs, investment tips, and other services, the Old Mutual Investment Group’s website is a valuable tool. Customers are encouraged to utilise these resources for an informed and effective engagement with Old Mutual.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to common queries about Old Mutual Investment Group’s offerings, management, tools, eligibility for programmes, and transaction processes.

What types of property investments does Old Mutual offer?

Old Mutual offers a variety of property investment options, including direct property investments and property funds. They cater to individuals and institutional investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with real estate.

What is the value of assets under management for Old Mutual?

The exact value of assets under management by Old Mutual fluctuates, but it is consistently in the billions, making it one of the largest asset managers on the continent. For precise figures, one should refer to the latest financial reports or the company’s official disclosures.

How can one calculate potential returns using the Old Mutual investment calculator?

One can calculate potential returns by inputting variables such as the lump sum investment amount, monthly contribution, investment term, and expected return rate into the Old Mutual investment calculator. This tool provides an estimate of potential investment growth over time.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Old Mutual Investment Group bursary programme?

The bursary programme typically targets students who are pursuing studies in fields relevant to the financial services industry, such as finance, economics, or accounting. Applicants must meet academic performance standards and often demonstrate financial need.

How does one withdraw funds from an Old Mutual investment account?

To withdraw funds, one needs to submit a withdrawal request through the official channels provided by Old Mutual. This may include completing a form online or providing a written request, subject to the account’s terms and conditions.

What is the process for claiming funds from Old Mutual investments?

The claiming process involves notifying Old Mutual of the claim, submitting the necessary documentation for verification, and awaiting approval. Once approved, Old Mutual will process the payment to the rightful beneficiaries or account holders.

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