SASSA Gold Cards Here to Stay – What Grant Beneficiaries Need to Know

There’s welcome news for the over 11 million South Africans receiving social grants via SASSA’s gold cards – the cards will continue working beyond the initial December 2023 expiry date. This was confirmed by Postbank spokesperson Dr. Bongani Diako this week.

Since they were first introduced in 2012, the SASSA cards have provided a safer, more convenient way for grant recipients to access payments. The gold cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, retail point-of-sale devices, and Post Offices without requiring a bank account. This has greatly benefitted recipients in rural areas with limited banking infrastructure.

With the cards initially set to expire at the end of 2023, some beneficiaries were concerned they would need to switch to other bank cards. However, Dr. Diako has provided reassurance that the trusted gold cards will remain active.

According to Diako: “Guaranteeing that gold cards will work beyond December 2023 is one of the highlights of Postbank’s commitment to providing convenient and affordable service quality to the disadvantaged.”

What Does This Mean for Grant Beneficiaries?

Firstly, grant beneficiaries can continue using their existing gold cards with no interruptions after December 2023. You do NOT need to switch to another card due to expiry concerns.

Secondly, if your card has already expired, don’t panic — you will still receive payouts as normal in December and beyond. Postbank stresses that only they can replace the SASSA cards when needed.

The continuity of the gold cards is positive news, ensuring South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens can still conveniently access their grant funds using a trusted system they are familiar with.

For any other questions on grant payments and cards, beneficiaries should contact SASSA directly via the SASSA call centre, head office details, or visit their nearest SASSA office.

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