SASSA Grant Payment Date: May 2024

Staying informed and prepared for your financial planning is crucial as we step into May. In alignment with this, we present the updated SASSA payment schedule for the month.

This guide aims to clarify the disbursement dates for various grants, ensuring that beneficiaries can efficiently manage their budgets. From supporting our elders to caring for the young and the brave, each grant is listed below with its respective payment date.

Stay ahead of your financial needs by noting these critical dates.

  1. Older Persons Grant
    • Payment Date: (TBD – date not released from SASSA yet)
    • Details: This includes payments for those with linked grants.
  2. Disability Grant
    • Payment Date: (TBD)
    • Details: This date also applies to recipients with linked grants.
  3. Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency Grant, and War Veterans Grant
    • Payment Date: (TBD)
    • Details: These grants are all processed on the same day.
  4. SRD Grant
    • Payment Window: (TBD)
    • Details: Check your status for the exact payment day. Allow 2 to 3 days for the funds to appear in your account.

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