The Case for Saving in Bitcoin Over South African Rand

Understanding Bitcoin’s Potential

The recent episode of “The Money Web Crypto Podcast” with Glenn Youster from Bitcoin Ubuntu, sheds light on an intriguing financial perspective – the viability and advantages of saving in Bitcoin rather than traditional fiat currencies like the South African Rand (RAN).

Bitcoin: More Than Just a Technology

They argue that Bitcoin is not merely a technology but a revolutionary form of money. Born from the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis, Bitcoin represents a private, indestructible currency designed to lead the world away from depreciated labors and savings. Unlike assets like Apple or Microsoft, Bitcoin is seen as a global currency, offering a unique value proposition.

The Fiat Currency Dilemma

Safedian Amos, in “The Fiat Standard,” highlights the fundamental issues with fiat money, notably its role in serving political agendas and eroding savings through inflation. This is evident as consumers witness diminishing purchasing power – a concern particularly relevant in the context of the South African Rand.

Bitcoin as a Solution

Bitcoin emerges as a solution to these problems. It’s a way to opt out of the fiat monetary system, providing an alternative that counters inflation and political manipulation. Glenn Youster’s journey, as discussed in the podcast, exemplifies this shift. Choosing to deal predominantly in Bitcoin, Youster navigates the practical challenges of minimizing fiat currency usage, demonstrating a model for others to consider.

Practicality of a Bitcoin-Only Lifestyle

While a complete avoidance of fiat currency is currently impractical for most, Youster highlights ways to limit fiat exposure. Services like Bitreful, Cryptoconvert, Luna, and Valor enable transactions in Bitcoin for various services, though not without their limitations. For those earning in Bitcoin, like Youster, converting a portion of income to fiat for necessary expenses is a viable strategy.

The Future of Bitcoin Adoption

The podcast touches on the growing trend of individuals moving off the financial grid, embracing Bitcoin as a primary currency. This shift is not just a financial decision but also a form of protest against the traditional monetary system. The discussion points towards a future where Bitcoin might become more prevalent, potentially over a 60-year horizon as suggested by Svetsky.


Saving in Bitcoin rather than the Rand presents a compelling argument in the face of inflation and currency devaluation. The insights from “The Money Web Crypto Podcast” highlight the practical considerations and ideological motivations behind this shift. As Bitcoin continues to gain traction, its role as a viable alternative to traditional currencies becomes increasingly relevant, offering a new paradigm in personal finance and monetary freedom.

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