FinChoice MobiMoney: Access Quick Loans with Ease

FinChoice MobiMoney™ offers a financial solution designed to cater to the immediate monetary needs of its users. It is a digital facility that allows individuals to access up to R10,000, providing a flexible and responsive approach to manage unexpected expenses or short-term financial gaps. Activation of the MobiMoney facility is free, with fees only being incurred when funds are utilised, aligning costs directly with usage.

A smartphone displaying the Finchoice Mobimoney app with a hand holding it, surrounded by financial icons and a glowing digital interface

To obtain this financial service, interested individuals can register for MobiMoney through an online application process. The procedure is straightforward, requiring personal details, income, and bank information. Once registered, users can withdraw funds ranging from R100 to R10,000, which can be repaid over one, two, or three months, offering a degree of flexibility to suit different repayment capacities.

In addition, FinChoice provides a range of services that include the ability to manage accounts, view quotes, and receive support directly through the Mobi platform. This ensures that customers can handle their loans conveniently using their mobile phones, making FinChoice a practical option for those seeking swift and accessible financial assistance.

How to Use MobiMoney

MobiMoney by FinChoice is a financial facility designed for flexible borrowing, allowing users to access funds and manage repayments with ease. This section takes you through the essential steps of using MobiMoney, from registration to applying for a loan, and setting up a repayment plan.

Registration Process

To register for MobiMoney, individuals must visit the FinChoice MobiMoney website. During the process, they need to provide personal details such as full name, ID number, and cellphone number. Once the information is submitted, they will receive a one-time password (OTP), which is used to create a secure password.

Applying for a Loan

Applying for a loan with MobiMoney involves logging onto their platform and entering the loan amount desired, up to R10 000. Applicants must provide details regarding their income, which could include bank statements or a pay slip to prove their earnings. It’s crucial to supply this financial data accurately to determine the loan terms available.

Loan Repayment Plan

MobiMoney offers flexible repayment terms, where borrowers can choose to repay the loan over 1, 2 or 3 months, depending on their preference and financial situation. Each payment is calculated based on the loan amount, the time over which it will be repaid, and includes all applicable fees as per the policy. Users should review the terms carefully to ensure they understand their obligations.

Additional Services and Features

FinChoice MobiMoney™ not only offers flexible credit but also includes additional services that enhance the customer’s financial management capabilities.

Withdraw and Transact

Customers can perform same-day withdrawals from their FinChoice MobiMoney™ facility, with amounts ranging between R100 and R10,000. This provides clients with immediate access to funds whenever they need it, ensuring they can manage their finances effectively.

Purchase Airtime and Electricity

The FinChoice MobiMoney™ service allows customers to purchase airtime and electricity directly through the platform. This eliminates the need to visit retail outlets or use other services, streamlining their financial transactions into one convenient place.

FinChoice Funeral Cover

FinChoice MobiMoney™ goes beyond just lending – it also offers Funeral Cover services. They provide policies underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, a licensed life insurer as per the Insurance Act 18 of 2017, holding FSP No. 76. Customers can activate their funeral cover policy directly through email communication, ensuring they are supported during tough times.

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