FNB Branch Code: Essential Guide for Seamless Banking Transactions

In today’s fast-paced world of banking, having access to reliable information about financial institutions is important. One of the key pieces of information customers need to know is their bank’s branch code. In South Africa, First National Bank (FNB) is a prominent banking institution, offering an array of financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and corporate clients. One of the essential components of its services is the FNB branch code.

FNB branch codes serve as identifiers for the bank’s various branches across South Africa. These codes make it easier and more efficient to process transactions, especially when transferring funds between accounts, conducting electronic transactions and making online payments. Each branch has a unique code, with the universal branch code for FNB being 250655. This code can be used for all FNB branches in electronic transactions, making it a convenient and easily accessible piece of information for customers.

Understanding FNB branch codes is essential for anyone navigating the world of banking in South Africa’s dynamic financial landscape. With this knowledge, customers can confidently conduct transactions and communicate with First National Bank, ensuring a seamless and efficient banking experience.

Understanding FNB Branch Codes

What Are Branch Codes?

Branch codes are unique numerical identifiers assigned to individual branches of a bank. They serve to differentiate one branch from another within the same banking institution. First National Bank (FNB), a leading bank in South Africa, uses branch codes for both local and international transactions, ensuring that the funds are accurately transferred to the correct branch.

The Purpose of FNB Branch Codes

FNB branch codes play an essential role in the efficiency and accuracy of banking transactions. By providing unique identifiers for each branch, it ensures that payments and transfers are processed correctly, reducing the chances of error. Additionally, having specific branch codes enables seamless communication between different branches and helps customers identify their home branch easily.

Universal vs Specific Branch Codes

FNB has adopted both specific and universal branch codes for its operations. A universal branch code is a standardised code that can be used across all branches, whereas a specific branch code is unique to a particular branch.

The FNB Universal Branch Code is 250655, which is applicable to all FNB branches, ensuring a more user-friendly banking experience. This is especially helpful for transactions where the individual branch code is not necessary.

On the other hand, specific branch codes are still in use for certain situations where a more precise identifier is required. For example:

  • FNB Dundee Branch Code: 270224
  • FNB Cradock Branch Code: 210218
  • FNB Delmas Branch Code: 270244
  • FNB Diepsloot Branch Code: 260510

In summary, FNB utilises both universal and specific branch codes to cater to different needs and enhance the accuracy of financial transactions. The FNB Universal Branch Code 250655 simplifies transactions across all branches, while specific branch codes continue to play a vital role when precise identification is required.

How to Find Your FNB Branch Code

Finding your FNB branch code is essential for conducting transactions like electronic fund transfers or online banking. There are several methods to help you find your FNB branch code, which we will discuss below.

Online Banking Platforms

Lookup tools and internet banking platforms can be a convenient way to find your FNB branch code. Simply log in to your FNB online banking account and navigate to the relevant section where you can find details of your branch code. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to obtain your branch code with just a few clicks.

Mobile Apps and Cellphone Banking

FNB offers cellphone banking and mobile apps, which provide a quick and easy way to find your branch code. Once you have logged in to your FNB mobile banking platform, you can access account information, including your branch code. You might also find a list of commonly used branch codes if you need information for another FNB branch. The FNB universal branch code is 250 655 and can be used for transactions, making it a user-friendly alternative to individual branch codes.

Customer Service and In-Branch Assistance

If you’re unable to access the branch code through online platforms or via mobile apps, you can reach out to FNB customer service or visit your local branch for assistance. Customer service agents will provide you with the necessary information, and in-branch personnel can look up your branch code if needed.

To summarise, there are three main ways for you to find your FNB branch code:

  1. Online banking platforms – Log in to your FNB internet banking account and search for your branch code in your account information.
  2. Mobile apps and cellphone banking – Access your account through FNB’s mobile banking app or USSD code and view your branch code there. Additionally, you can use the universal branch code: 250 655.
  3. Customer service and in-branch assistance – Contact FNB customer service or visit your local branch for help in locating your branch code.

By using these methods, you can easily find your FNB branch code and confidently perform banking transactions with ease.

FNB Branch Codes by Region


In Gauteng, the bustling economic hub of South Africa, multiple FNB branches are available to serve the needs of customers. Some key branches in the region and their respective codes include:

  • Bank City: 261349

Kwa-Zulu Natal

Kwa-Zulu Natal, home to the vibrant city of Durban, also hosts numerous FNB branches to cater to the financial needs of its population. Notable branches and their corresponding codes are as follows:

  • Durban Main Branch: 220126
  • Bergville Branch: 254225

Western Cape

The Western Cape, known for its scenic beauty and the picturesque Cape Town, also has several FNB branches to provide top-notch services to its customers. A few key branches in this region and their respective branch codes are:

  • Cape Town St. Georges Mall Branch: 204109
  • Claremont Main Branch: 207009

Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape is serviced by multiple FNB branches, ensuring a seamless banking experience for its customers. Important branches in the region and their respective codes include:

  • East London Main Branch: 210221
  • Port Elizabeth Newton West Branch: 201809

Free State

In the Free State, FNB customers can find various branches to handle their financial matters, including the following branches with their respective codes:

  • Bloemfontein Main Branch: 230134
  • Welkom Retail Branch: 230235

Overall, FNB offers an extensive network of branches and code across South Africa to better serve its customers in various regions.

Comparing FNB With Other Banks


ABSA, one of South Africa’s major banks, has a universal branch code of 632 005. This simplifies electronic transactions by using a single code, much like FNB’s 250 655. Both FNB and ABSA have a strong presence across the country and offer a wide range of financial products and services.


Nedbank, another leading South African bank, employs a unique branch code system with a universal code of 198 765. Similar to FNB, Nedbank offers various banking solutions for individuals and businesses. However, one key difference between the two banks is their approach to branch codes: FNB uses a single universal code, while Nedbank has specific codes for each branch.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank is recognised for its strong retail banking presence across South Africa. Like FNB, Standard Bank also utilises a universal branch code of 051 001 for smoother electronic transactions. Both banks compete in offering innovative banking products and services to attract customers throughout the country.


Capitec Bank has gained popularity for its simplified banking approach, with a focus on affordable and accessible services. It too has a universal branch code, 470 010, enabling seamless electronic transactions. While FNB has a broader range of financial products, Capitec’s competitive offerings have led to significant growth in recent years.


Investec Bank is renowned for catering to high-net-worth individuals and businesses, offering specialised services and private banking solutions. Unlike FNB’s universal branch code, Investec uses a unique branch code of 580 105. This distinction highlights the niche market that Investec primarily serves, compared to the more widespread retail banking offered by FNB.


Bidvest Bank, with a branch code of 462 005, focuses on foreign exchange and business banking solutions. The bank targets corporate clients, making it a more specialised institution when compared to FNB’s wide array of financial services. As such, the two banks cater to different customers with niche offerings in the banking sector.

African Bank

African Bank, with a branch code of 430 000, is known for providing affordable loans and investment products. While FNB offers a comprehensive range of banking solutions, African Bank has a narrower focus, centred on lending and savings services. Nonetheless, both banks contribute to the diverse South African banking landscape, catering to the needs of various customers and businesses.

Electronic Funds Transfer and Branch Codes

Making an EFT Payment

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) are a convenient and efficient method of transferring money between bank accounts, both within and across banks. When making an EFT payment, users need to provide essential information, including the recipient’s account number, the bank name, and the branch code. First National Bank (FNB), one of the largest banks in South Africa, utilises a universal branch code to simplify this process for its customers.

The FNB universal branch code is 250 655. Customers can use this code when making EFT payments, regardless of the specific FNB branch in which they hold an account.

Importance of Accurate Branch Codes for EFT

An accurate branch code is crucial for ensuring seamless and successful EFT transactions. Using the correct branch code:

  1. Ensures that funds reach the intended recipient’s account
  2. Eliminates the chances of funds being routed to the wrong branch or account
  3. Reduces processing delays and additional charges associated with erroneous transactions

The universal branch code provided by FNB eliminates the need to memorise or search for individual branch codes, helping customers save time and avoid confusion. By using the FNB universal branch code 250 655 for EFT payments, customers can make electronic fund transfers quickly, securely and with confidence.

International Banking with FNB


When it comes to international banking, one of the key components is the SWIFT code, which helps to facilitate cross-border transactions. FNB’s SWIFT code is FIRNZAJJ. This code is essential for sending or receiving money from abroad, as it helps to identify the specific bank and its branches. By using the FNB SWIFT code, customers can ensure that their transactions are processed quickly and securely.

Making International Payments

FNB offers a variety of options for customers to make international payments with ease. The bank simplifies the process, allowing individuals to focus on planning their trips abroad. To send an international payment through FNB, customers can use:

  1. Online Banking: With FNB’s online platform, customers can initiate a foreign currency transaction by inputting the necessary details, such as the recipient’s banking information and the desired amount to be transferred.

  2. FNB App: The FNB App provides another convenient means of sending international payments. Similar to the online banking platform, customers can input the required information and submit the transaction using their mobile device.

  3. Forex Advisory Team: Customers can also make a global payment by calling the Forex Advisory Team on 0860 1 FOREX (36739).

In addition to the convenience of these services, FNB customers can earn up to 15% back in eBucks on the transaction charges when sending foreign currency via Online Banking or the FNB App. These rewards serve as an added benefit for choosing FNB for international banking needs.

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