ABSA Cash Send Without App: Easy USSD Guide

Sending money quickly and securely is a must in today’s fast-paced world, and ABSA Bank’s Cash Send feature offers just that – even without the use of their banking app. Whether you’re out of data, dealing with a faulty smartphone, or simply prefer not to use mobile apps, ABSA has got you covered.

They’ve made it incredibly easy for customers to transfer funds on the go. With just a few simple steps, you can send cash to anyone in South Africa, and the recipient can collect the funds at any ABSA ATM. Stay tuned to learn how to utilise this convenient service, ensuring you’re never caught off guard when you need to make a transaction.

Benefits of using ABSA Cash Send without an app

ABSA’s Cash Send service aids customers in circumventing common digital hurdles, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of technological constraints, can execute monetary transactions efficiently. There’s a multitude of benefits to using ABSA’s Cash Send without relying on the app.

First and foremost is the ease of access. Customers don’t need to worry about smartphones or internet data to transfer money. If their device is broken or they’re in an area with poor connectivity, they can still perform the necessary transactions. This is particularly beneficial for those living in remote areas where internet services might be spotty.

Another key advantage is speed. Sending cash through this service is a rapid process that doesn’t require logging into an app, which can be invaluable in time-sensitive situations. Furthermore, the process is secure; ABSA employs robust security measures to safeguard user funds during transactions, giving customers peace of mind that their money is protected even without the app.

Moreover, when using the Cash Send feature, customers enjoy the flexibility to send money at any time. 24/7 availability means funds can be transferred outside of regular banking hours, which is handy for emergencies or last-minute needs.

  • No reliance on smartphone or data
  • Quick and easy transactions
  • Enhanced security protocols
  • Round-the-clock service

Finally, the Cash Send service enhances financial inclusion, making banking services accessible to those who might not have regular access to banking apps, smartphones, or even bank accounts. This promotes a more inclusive financial environment where everyone has the chance to manage their finances with greater control and without technological barriers.

Those in urban areas also find this feature helpful, as it offers a reliable alternative when app-based services face technical issues. It’s clear that ABSA Cash Send has positioned itself as a versatile and user-friendly service for a wide-ranging customer base.

How to register for ABSA Cash Send without an app

Registering for ABSA’s Cash Send service without the use of an app is straightforward. Customers need to visit their nearest ABSA branch or use the USSD service. To begin the registration process at a branch, customers are required to present a valid identification document, such as an ID card or a passport. Staff at the branch will then assist them through the registration steps, ensuring that even those not tech-savvy can sign up for the service with ease.

Alternatively, for those who prefer not to visit a branch, ABSA offers a USSD option. Customers can register by dialing 1202272# on their mobile phone, and following the prompts. This method is highly convenient as it does not require internet access and can be accessed from any mobile device. The USSD service provides a secure platform where users can create their Cash Send beneficiary list and initiate transactions.

During the USSD registration process, it’s essential to set up a 5-digit access code. This code will be used to authenticate transactions and maintain security. Customers need to ensure they choose a code that is memorable but not easy to guess.

ABSA’s effort to facilitate registration for Cash Send without an app aligns with their commitment to making banking services accessible for all individuals, including those in rural locations or facing technological limitations. By providing multiple avenues for registration, ABSA demonstrates its dedication to financial inclusion and customer convenience.

Once registered, customers can enjoy the full spectrum of the Cash Send feature’s benefits. Money can be sent to any recipient in South Africa who has a mobile phone number, and the recipient can withdraw cash from an ABSA ATM or participating retailer without the need for a bank card or account. This service empowers users to manage their funds and support others financially even without the reliance on smartphone technology.

Step-by-step guide for sending cash with ABSA without an app

Engaging in a cash send transaction with ABSA Bank when you lack access to the app is still straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

First, ensure you are registered for the ABSA Cash Send service. If you aren’t, you can either visit an ABSA branch or use the USSD service by dialling 1202272# on your mobile phone and following the prompts to register.

Once registered, sending cash is a simple matter. Dial the USSD code 1202272# from your mobile phone. This service is available 24/7, and the best part is it’s accessible from any mobile phone, not just smartphones.

The USSD menu will prompt for your 5-digit access code. Enter it carefully to proceed. Security is paramount, and this code ensures that only you can access your Cash Send service.

After entering the access code, select the ‘Send Money’ option from the menu. Next, input the recipient’s mobile phone number. Be sure to double-check this number to avoid sending money to the wrong person.

Following this, you’ll enter the amount of money you wish to send. ABSA allows for a range of transactions, giving you flexibility depending on your needs.

Once you’ve confirmed the amount and the recipient’s number, you’ll receive a unique 10-digit reference number. It’s critical to share this number with the recipient as it’s required to collect the cash.

Finally, both you and the recipient will get an SMS confirmation of the transaction. The SMS will detail the collection points where the recipient can retrieve the cash, such as ABSA ATMs or partner retailers.

Remember, fees may apply to Cash Send transactions. Check the latest fees on ABSA’s website or inquire in-branch to understand the cost of your transaction.

By following these steps, you can send cash securely and quickly without the need for an app. ABSA’s Cash Send service via USSD is a testament to their commitment to accessible banking solutions.

Tips for a smooth and secure cash send transaction

When using ABSA’s Cash Send service via USSD, security and simplicity are paramount. Here’s how to ensure each transaction proceeds without a hitch.

Firstly, protect your 5-digit access code. This code is the key to initiating transactions and should never be shared with anyone except the intended recipient. Just as you would shield your PIN at an ATM, be discreet when entering your access code on your mobile device.

Stay Vigilant with the details. Double-check the recipient’s phone number before confirming the transaction. Sending money to the wrong number can be a hassle and could potentially be irreversible if the unintended recipient withdraws the funds.

Keep your mobile number up to date with the bank. ABSA uses your registered number to send important notifications regarding Cash Send transactions. If your number’s changed, update it promptly to continue receiving timely transaction confirmations and alerts.

To minimise risks, transact during banking hours. If any issues arise, customer service can assist immediately. While ABSA’s USSD service is available 24/7, having bank support at the ready can offer additional peace of mind.

For fees and limits, familiarise yourself with ABSA’s fee structure. Knowing the costs involved with sending various amounts ensures that you’re not caught off guard and that the recipient receives the correct figure.

Keep transaction records. ABSA sends confirmations for every transaction. Save these messages for future reference. They could be useful for reconciling bank statements or resolving disputes should the need arise.

Lastly, be aware of the expiry of the cash send voucher. ABSA Cash Send vouchers are typically valid for a limited time. Remind recipients to withdraw the funds before the voucher expires to avoid transaction cancellation and the need to repeat the send process.

Frequently asked questions about ABSA Cash Send without an app

Is it Possible to Cancel a Cash Send Transaction Without Using the App?

Yes, ABSA Cash Send transactions can be cancelled by visiting any ABSA branch or calling the customer care line. It’s crucial to report any potential errors immediately to resolve issues in a timely manner.

How Much Can I Send Using the USSD Service?

There are limits to how much money one can send via Cash Send using the USSD service. The daily limit for cash send transactions is R3,000, ensuring security and mitigating risk.

Are There Fees Associated with Cash Send Without Using the App?

Transactions carry a fee, which varies depending on the amount sent. Users should familiarise themselves with these fees to avoid unexpected charges.

  • Up to R250: R6.00 fee
  • Over R250 to R500: R11.00 fee
  • Over R500 to R1,000: R13.00 fee
  • Over R1,000 to R2,000: R15.00 fee
  • Over R2,000: R20.00 fee

Can I Send Money to Someone Without an ABSA Account?

Cash Send is available for both ABSA and non-ABSA customers. Recipients can withdraw cash at ABSA ATMs, provided they have the access code and reference number.

Is it Safe to Send Cash Using the USSD Service?

Safety and security are paramount during cash send transactions. ABSA implements measures to safeguard the process, but users must also protect their PINs and access codes diligently.

What Happens If the Recipient Doesn’t Withdraw the Cash?

If the recipient does not withdraw the cash within 30 days, the transaction will expire and funds are returned to the sender’s account. It’s important for senders to remind recipients of the time limit.


Sending cash with ABSA without the app is straightforward and accessible to everyone, even those without a smartphone. The use of USSD technology ensures that customers can manage transactions securely and conveniently. With the knowledge of how to cancel transactions, understanding the limits and fees, and the ability to send money to non-ABSA customers, users are equipped to handle their finances effectively. Remembering the safety measures and the implications if cash isn’t withdrawn adds to the confidence in using this service. ABSA’s cash send feature via USSD is a testament to the bank’s commitment to providing inclusive financial solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send cash with ABSA without using the app?

You can send cash with ABSA using the USSD service by dialling 1202272#, following the prompts to select ‘Cash Send,’ and completing the steps to send money to the recipient.

Can I cancel a Cash Send transaction with ABSA?

Yes, you can cancel a Cash Send transaction with ABSA by contacting customer support or using the USSD service, provided the recipient has not yet withdrawn the cash.

What are the limits on the amount of money I can send via ABSA Cash Send?

The limits for ABSA Cash Send transactions vary but generally cap at a daily limit which is outlined in ABSA’s terms and conditions. Ensure you’re aware of these limits before initiating a transaction.

Are there fees for sending money via ABSA Cash Send without the app?

Yes, there is a fee for sending money via ABSA Cash Send without the app. The fee structure depends on the amount being sent and is detailed in ABSA’s fee schedule.

Is it possible to send money to someone who doesn’t have an ABSA account?

Yes, ABSA Cash Send allows you to send money to recipients who do not have an ABSA account. They can withdraw the cash at ABSA ATMs or participating retailers.

How safe is the USSD service for ABSA Cash Send?

The USSD service for ABSA Cash Send is secure and requires a PIN for transactions, providing a safe platform for sending cash without using the app.

What happens if the recipient doesn’t withdraw the cash I sent via ABSA?

If the recipient doesn’t withdraw the cash within the time period specified by ABSA, the transaction is cancelled and the funds are returned to the sender’s account.

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