Kaelo Money: Revolutionising Personal Finance Management

Kaelo Money is a financial service that is part of Kaelo Financial Solutions. It is designed to provide employees access to affordable payroll loans, responsibly addressing the need for emergency funds. This service becomes available to employees when employers activate the benefit, reflecting a commitment to employee financial wellness.

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The service is integrated with the Kaelo Lifestyle programme, significantly emphasising financial assistance and broader financial well-being. Kaelo Money offers financial coaching and tools to improve its users’ financial health. This approach acknowledges the often-overlooked aspect of psychological well-being closely tied to one’s financial state, underlining the connection between financial stability and overall quality of life.

Beyond the immediate provision of emergency wallet funds, Kaelo Money extends its influence into various domains of employee support. With offerings that include counselling and legal advice, Kaelo Money and the wider Kaelo Lifestyle programme position itself as a holistic support system for individuals and businesses, striving to address multiple facets of modern-day pressures employees face.

Kaelo Money

Understanding Kaelo Money

Kaelo Money emerges as an integral solution for financial well-being, offering immediate financial assistance and long-term financial guidance.

Kaelo Money Services

Kaelo Money provides employees with financial services tailored to enhance economic stability. It includes an Emergency Wallet, a pre-approved fund accessible for unexpected expenses. This feature is conditional upon employer activation. Furthermore, Kaelo Money offers a Savings Platform aiding individuals to create a resilient financial buffer.

Services provided by Kaelo Money include, but are not limited to:

  • Affordable Payroll Loans: Accessible to employees whose employers have activated this benefit.
  • Financial Wellness Tools: Designed to promote holistic fiscal health.
  • Smart Vouchering: Helps manage spending efficiently.

Kaelo Financial Coaching

Addressing the need for informed financial decision-making, Kaelo Money integrates financial coaching into its repertoire to support an individual’s financial journey. Underpinned by a robust financial platform, users receive tailored advice that enables them to:

  • Consolidate existing debt.
  • Budget more effectively.

The financial coach function is a cornerstone of Kaelo Money’s objective to facilitate financial freedom. Strategies imparted by a coach aim to equip users with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of personal finance.

Kaelo Lifestyle Programmes

The Kaelo Lifestyle programmes offer a multifaceted approach to employee well-being, encompassing financial guidance and psychological and legal support systems designed to facilitate a healthier lifestyle for members and their families.

Kaelo Lifestyle Benefits

Kaelo Lifestyle provides a comprehensive suite of benefits focused on improving the well-being of its members. Key aspects include:

  • Financial Wellness: An emergency wallet and financial coaching tools aim to enhance financial well-being.
  • Physical and Mental Health: Access to discounts on health products and digital mental health support encourages healthier choices and psychosocial stability.
  • Personal Care: The programme includes discounts on personal care, reflecting its commitment to holistic lifestyle improvements.

AskNelson Programme

The AskNelson programme is an intrinsic part of Kaelo Lifestyle, offering indispensable support in various forms:

  • Psychological Assistance: Members can obtain counselling through the programme, aiding in managing life’s stressors.
  • Legal Support: Access to legal guidance provides an additional layer of security and support to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Anonymous Access: Ensuring privacy, it offers anonymous entry to mental health counselling and coaching, promoting an open and stigma-free approach to well-being.

Healthcare Solutions

In the realm of healthcare solutions, Kaelo Money plays a key role by integrating financial services with healthcare programmes to ensure employees have access to quality healthcare facilities. Their solutions focus on providing both physical and psychological well-being through various health benefits.

Kaelo Health

Kaelo Health aims to enhance the well-being of South Africans by offering healthcare solutions that can be integrated with employers’ offerings. They enable employee access to private healthcare, ensuring the availability of quality healthcare across the board. The primary objective of Kaelo Health is to create a system where more South Africans can afford and access comprehensive healthcare services.

Medical Scheme Membership

Every individual values the security of being a member of a medical scheme. Kaelo Money’s approach ensures that their financial wellness tools support the medical scheme membership for employees, underlining the importance of a sound financial strategy to maintain continuous access to healthcare services. Membership in a medical scheme is often the gateway to private healthcare facilities, allowing individuals to receive timely and efficient medical care.

Insurance and Protection

Kaelo Money extends its financial services into the realm of insurance by providing tailored risk management solutions and forming partnerships with authorised insurers to fulfil the protection needs of its clients.

Kaelo Risk Services

Kaelo Risk is an entity that operates within the scope of protection services, specifically concerned with the design and management of customised insurance products. As an authorised financial services provider, FSP 3693 they are recognised for its compliance with regulatory standards and dedication to offering reliable protection plans. Their offerings typically centre on managing risk effectively for their clients, ensuring sufficient coverage across various contingencies.

Insurance Partnerships

Kaelo Money maintains strategic alliances with established insurance companies like Centriq Insurance Company Limited (FSP 3417) and Western National Insurance Company Ltd (FSP 9465). These partnerships are crucial as they leverage the expertise and licensing of their partners to furnish their stakeholders with a comprehensive suite of insurance products. Their collaborative efforts include products like Kaelo Gap and Western Gap, which cover tariff shortfalls and co-payments, addressing the difference between what service providers charge and what medical aids payout.

Prime Cure is featured within the framework of these partnerships, embodying the healthcare service structure that integrates seamlessly with Kaelo’s insurance products. This collaboration ensures clients can access operational healthcare services augmented by insurance coverage, encapsulating a complete healthcare and financial protection service. These integration efforts underline their mission to deliver insurance, peace of mind, and financial resilience.

Impact on Wellness in the Workplace

Kaelo Money is part of a concerted effort to enhance employee wellness, emphasising creating supportive, productive work environments. It integrates financial wellness with employees’ overall well-being, recognising financial security’s vital role in mental and physical health.

Promoting Healthier Work Environments

Kaelo Money’s approach to financial support is pivotal in promoting healthier work environments. Providing employees with access to an affordable emergency wallet fosters a sense of financial security. Employees, feeling less stressed about their financial situation, can focus more on their health and work. Kaelo Money also offers financial coaching, equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to manage their finances effectively, contributing to a more supportive and health-oriented workplace culture.

Enhancing Productivity and Trust

When employees experience improved financial well-being, their productivity sees a natural uplift. Kaelo Money’s financial wellness tools give employees the confidence to handle their finances, which can translate to greater focus and engagement in their roles. Moreover, providing resources for financial betterment helps build trust between employers and employees. They perceive the company as an entity that cares for their holistic well-being, which can increase loyalty and mutual respect within the corporate environment.

Kaelo’s Presence in South Africa

Kaelo Money has an established presence in South Africa, contributing to the financial wellness of its citizens through easy access to loans and financial services.

Operations in Gauteng and Beyond

Kaelo Money’s head office is in Johannesburg, Gauteng, a hub for many South African financial service companies. Specifically, in Illovo, their operations spread across the province and beyond, ensuring that many South African employees have access to their financial offerings.

  • Head Office: 2nd Floor, East Wing, The Oval, Wanderers Office Park, 52 Corlett Drive, Illovo, 2196.

Facilities and Partner Hospitals

Kaelo collaborates with a network of facilities and partner hospitals to support South Africans’ health and financial well-being. This network extends throughout Gauteng and other regions, offering a blend of health and financial services.

  • Cape Town Office: Unit 3, Ibis House, The Estuaries, Century City, Cape Town, 7441.
  • KwaZulu-Natal Office: 1002 & 1003 Kent House, 1 Neptune Road, Westville, Durban, 3630.
  • Gauteng: Core financial activities and decision-making.
  • Cape Town & KwaZulu-Natal: Regional services and customer support.

Note: The regional offices in Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal bring services closer to South Africans in these areas and ensure that the company’s financial solutions are accessible to a wider audience across the country.


Kaelo Money positions itself as a pragmatic financial solution to enhance employees’ financial well-being. Through its suite of services, Kaelo Money offers an Emergency Wallet and Earned Wage Access, among other products, to give employees more control over their finances.

The platform extends beyond mere lending; it is designed to assist individuals in consolidating debts, budgeting effectively, and saving for unexpected expenses. Financial wellness coaching is another cornerstone of Kaelo Money, reflecting their commitment to responsible borrowing and overall financial health.

Importantly, the 24/7 access to credit, competitive interest rates, and financial education set Kaelo Money apart, indicating a dedication to ethical lending practices. This approach seeks to address and mitigate the risks associated with predatory lending.

The service offers tools and education designed to steer users towards financial freedom. Employees whose employers have activated this benefit can access resources that meet immediate financial needs and provide a foundation for long-term stability.

Kaelo Money’s comprehensive approach signals a progressive shift in employee financial benefits, highlighting a corporate responsibility towards financial wellness tailored to the modern economic landscape.

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