Makro Credit Card: Essential Features and Benefits Explored

Makro, a popular retail store in South Africa, has partnered with RCS Group to offer its shoppers a convenient and rewarding credit option: the Makro Credit Card. This financial product enables customers to shop without the need for cash, making purchases on credit and enjoying exclusive benefits within the Makro, Game, and Builders retail network.

The Makro Credit Card offers cardholders a range of advantages when using it for their shopping needs. Notably, they can earn 3% back when shopping online at Makro, Game, and Builders, 2% back when shopping in-store, and 1% back when shopping at any participating RCS network retailer. In addition, the credit card comes with flexible repayment options and free additional cards, providing convenience and value for customers.

To further enhance the customer experience, the Makro Credit Card includes customer protection insurance and easy account management through the Self-Service website or the mobile app. Overall, the Makro Credit Card is an effective solution for shoppers looking for a credit option with rewards and convenience within the expansive retail network.

Understanding Makro Credit Card

Benefits and Rewards

The Makro credit card offers its users various benefits and rewards, allowing them to make the most out of their shopping experience. Cardholders can earn 3% back when they shop online at Makro, Game, and Builders, and 2% back when shopping in-store at these retailers. Additionally, shoppers receive 1% back when using their Makro credit card at any RCS network retailer. As part of the Mrewards programme, these cashback rewards can be used to access exclusive offers, making shopping more affordable and enjoyable.

Credit Card Features

The Makro credit card, provided in partnership with RCS Group, is designed to offer a convenient and flexible way for shoppers to manage their finances:

  • Online and in-store use: The cardholders can use their Makro credit card for both in-store and online purchases at participating retailers.
  • Additional cards: Cardholders can request up to 3 additional cards for friends or family members at no extra cost.
  • Flexible repayment options: Makro credit card allows for adjustable monthly instalments with revolving, 24-month, and 36-month repayment options.
  • Available credit: The card grants users access to a pre-set credit limit that can be used for purchases, providing extra financial flexibility and convenience.

Application Process

Applying for a Makro credit card involves a simple and straightforward process:

  1. Eligibility: Prospective applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, which usually include being at least 18 years old, having a valid ID, and a minimum monthly income requirement.
  2. Documentation: Applicants need to provide proof of income, such as recent payslips or bank statements, as well as proof of residence, like a utility bill.
  3. Application: The application can be completed online via the Makro or RCS Group websites, or in-person at participating Makro stores.
  4. Approval: Following a credit check and assessment of the applicant’s financial circumstances, approval is granted, and the card is issued to the applicant.

By combining rewards, flexibility, and financial control, the Makro credit card is an excellent choice for those looking to make their shopping experiences more rewarding and convenient.

Managing Your Makro Credit Card

Accessing Your Account

To manage your Makro credit card effectively, it is essential to access your account regularly. You can sign in to your account online through the Makro portal or use the Makro app. Once logged in, you can view your order history, view and manage My Orders and My Lists, and check your available credit balance.

Credit Management

Keeping track of your credit usage and payments is crucial for responsible credit card management. Makro provides several convenient ways to monitor your credit, with options like the Self-Service feature on their website or their mobile app. Be sure to make payment regularly to avoid any penalties or fees from overdue credit usage.

Customer Support

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Makro credit card account, you can reach the Makro customer support team by calling 0860 300 999, using the “Contact Us” form on the Makro website, or visiting their Store Locator for in-person assistance.

Online Services

Makro credit cardholders have access to a variety of online services, such as:

  1. Viewing and downloading their latest statements.
  2. Opting for e-statements.
  3. Updating their email address.
  4. Managing their account and payments online.

Online services provide a convenient and efficient way to manage your credit card without the need for physical visits to the store.

Makro Business Solutions

Makro caters to both individuals and businesses, offering a range of Makro Business Solutions to business customers. Some of the services available to business customers are tailored quotes for bulk purchases, exclusive promotions on a variety of brands, and the opportunity to Sell on Makro to expand their product reach.

Proper account management is essential to fully benefit from your Makro credit card and ensure an organised, stress-free experience. By utilising the online services and keeping up to date with the latest promotions and offers, customers can maximise the advantages of being a cardholder.

Makro Shopping Experience

Finding Products

At Makro, customers can find a wide range of products across various categories, including food & kitchen items, cleaning supplies, appliances, and more. Shoppers can easily locate their desired items using the store locator feature on the website. This tool allows customers to find the nearest Makro store that stocks specific brands or products. Additionally, users can browse through different categories or use the search bar to find the items they require.

Exclusive Promotions

Makro offers a variety of exclusive promotions for its customers. These deals include discounts on selected products, seasonal sales, and special offers for Makro credit cardholders. Customers can take advantage of these promotions by browsing through the “Promotions” section on the website or by keeping an eye out for in-store displays.

To make the most of these promotions, customers are encouraged to sign up for Makro’s mRewards programme. This loyalty scheme lets members earn rewards points whenever they make a purchase at Makro, and these points can be redeemed for future savings. Additionally, mRewards participants have the opportunity to become an mRewards millionaire by purchasing participating products and swiping their mCard.

Making Purchases

Purchasing products at Makro is a seamless process, whether customers choose to shop in-store or online. In-store, shoppers can use their Makro credit card to enjoy flexible repayment options, with affordable monthly instalments. This card also offers up to 3% cashback when shopping online at Makro, Game, and Builders; 2% cashback when shopping in-store at these retailers; and 1% cashback at any RCS network retailer.

Online shoppers can utilise the “My Orders” section in their account to keep track of their purchases, verify delivery dates, and even organise returns. Furthermore, Makro offers free additional cards for up to three friends or family members, making it easy for customers to share the convenience of Makro shopping and exclusive promotions with their loved ones.

Makro Rewards Program

Earning Rewards

Makro offers a rewards program called mRewards to its customers. With the mCard app, customers can earn and spend mRewards points for their purchases. Customers earn rewards at various rates depending on the store and purchase type. For instance, shopping online at Makro, Game, and Builders earns the customers 3% back, while shopping in-store at these outlets garners 2% back. Shopping at any RCS network retailer earns customers 1% back.

Redeeming Rewards

To redeem mRewards, customers need to sign in to their mCard account in the app. These points can then be spent at Makro’s outlets on General Merchandise Deals and Liquor Deals. Additionally, customers have the benefit of earning up to £10 back in Reward Points per litre of fuel and oil purchased at Caltex petrol stations when part of the Makro, uCount, and Caltex partnership.

Membership Benefits

Makro credit cardholders enjoy a variety of benefits, which include:

  • 3% back for online shopping at Makro, Game, and Builders.
  • 2% back for in-store shopping at Makro, Game, and Builders.
  • 1% back for shopping at any RCS network retailer.
  • Free additional cards for up to 3 friends or family members.
  • Flexible repayment options with affordable monthly instalments.

Moreover, Makro has partnered with RCS Group to offer cash loans, product finance, and Makro Credit for a convenient shopping experience.

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