ABSA Cash Send Withdrawal Locations: ATMs & Retail Partners

Navigating the convenience of digital banking, ABSA Cash Send has revolutionized the way people access their funds. Whether you’re splitting bills, sending a gift, or managing an emergency, ABSA’s innovative service ensures that you can send and receive money with ease.

But once you’ve got the cash send voucher, where can you withdraw the money? It’s a common question for users, and the good news is that there are several options available. From ABSA ATMs to participating retailers, accessing your cash is straightforward and secure.

Understanding the flexibility of ABSA Cash Send is crucial for anyone looking to make the most of this service. They’ll find that whether they’re in a bustling city centre or a quiet suburb, withdrawing their cash is just a few steps away.


ABSA ATMs provide the backbone of the Cash Send withdrawal process. They’re easily accessible, widespread across the country, and operate 24/7, ensuring that beneficiaries can access funds at their convenience. With secure PIN authentication, customers have a safe way to retrieve their money, minimizing the risk associated with carrying cash.

When withdrawing from an ABSA ATM, the process is straightforward. Users must select the ‘Cash Send’ option followed by the ‘Withdraw’ function. One must then enter the 10-digit voucher number received when the cash was sent along with the access PIN that is communicated separately to the recipient. These security measures are crucial in preventing unauthorized withdrawals and ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the funds.

Beyond conventional ATMs, ABSA’s extensive network includes ATMs specifically adapted for use by visually impaired individuals. These machines have tactile keypads and earphone jacks that deliver audio instructions to ensure an inclusive banking experience.

Effortless Accessibility

The strategic placement of ABSA ATMs makes it effortless for recipients to locate a withdrawal point. They can be found in:

  • Shopping centres
  • Gas stations
  • ABSA branches
  • Certain supermarkets

ABSA also facilitates access through their locator tools available via their online banking platform and mobile app. Users can quickly identify the nearest ATM and plan their route to withdraw cash, saving time and reducing the hassle.

Individual transactional limits at ATMs are set to maintain security and control over the cash flow. However, these limits are generally sufficient for most daily withdrawal needs, making ABSA ATMs not just a convenient but also a practical choice for accessing Cash Send funds. Should recipients require more than the set ATM withdrawal limit, multiple transactions can be performed, subject to the maximum daily limit imposed by ABSA’s banking regulations.

Participating Retailers

ABSA Cash Send transcends traditional banking by partnering with various retailers across South Africa. This innovative collaboration ensures that customers can withdraw money conveniently, even without access to an ATM. Each participating retailer is equipped to facilitate secure and hassle-free cash withdrawals for users holding a cash send voucher.

The array of retailers that accept ABSA Cash Send vouchers is impressive and includes well-known supermarket chains, convenience stores, and various other establishments. The most notable include:

  • Shoprite
  • Checkers
  • Usave
  • Pick n Pay
  • Boxer

When visiting any of these retailers, customers need only to present their voucher number and show a valid form of identification to retrieve their cash. It’s a swift process that mirrors the simplicity and efficiency of using an ABSA ATM yet offers the added benefit of being able to shop where you withdraw.

Moreover, this availability through retailers plays a pivotal role in areas where banking services may be limited or absent altogether. It allows users in remote areas, or those who prefer not to use ATMs for personal reasons, to access their funds with relative ease. The strategic placement of these retailers typically in places with high foot traffic greatly enhances the cash withdrawal experience.

Retailer Service Availability
Shoprite Nationwide
Checkers Nationwide
Usave Nationwide
Pick n Pay Nationwide
Boxer Nationwide

Safety remains a key concern when withdrawing large sums of cash. Therefore, ABSA advises users to be vigilant especially when leaving a retailer with cash in hand. Personal safety guidelines should always be followed to reduce the risk of theft or loss of funds. With security and convenience at its core ABSA Cash Send’s partnership with reputable retailers marks a significant step towards more accessible banking for all.

Cash Withdrawal Process

Withdrawing cash using ABSA Cash Send is a straightforward process. Once the sender has initiated the transaction, the recipient receives a unique absa cash send 10-digit reference number by SMS. This number, along with the recipient’s personal 6-digit access code set up by the sender, is essential for the withdrawal process.

First, if they’re near an ABSA ATM, the individual must select the ‘Cash Send Withdrawal’ option. There’s no need for an ATM card; the ATM prompts recipients to input the 10-digit reference number followed by the access code. The system then verifies the details, and upon successful confirmation, the amount specified by the sender is dispensed.

Customers also have the option of visiting certain ABSA partnered retailers. At the retailer, the process starts with the recipient providing the cash send reference number and access code to the cashier. It’s crucial to bear in mind that the retailer’s store policy and limits may slightly alter the withdrawal routine.

Security is paramount during this process. Recipients must ensure they’re in a secure environment while entering their details, whether at an ATM or retailer. ABSA implements multiple layers of security to protect both the sender’s funds and the recipient’s information.

ATM/Partner Process Step Verification
ABSA ATM Select option & input codes 10-digit reference & 6-digit access code
Retailer Give codes to cashier Confirmation by the system

For those withdrawing at ABSA ATMs, it’s possible to conduct multiple transactions if the amount exceeds the single withdrawal limit set by the bank. Retailers may also have a daily limit for cash send withdrawals, ensuring security and control over this banking method.

In areas where ABSA ATMs or branches aren’t readily available, participating retail stores bridge the gap, providing community access to cash without the necessity of traditional banking infrastructure. It’s a testament to the flexibility and customer-centric approach of ABSA Cash Send services, catering to users’ needs regardless of their location.

Remember, always safeguard your privacy when inputting sensitive codes and be conscious of your surroundings, especially when withdrawing large amounts of money. ABSA’s system is designed to keep transactions safe, but personal vigilance is always a strong additional layer of security.

Finding Convenient Locations

ABSA Cash Send users appreciate the flexibility and ease of access the service provides. Withdrawing cash requires pinpointing locations where the service is available, and luckily, users have numerous options dotted across the country. It’s essential for users to be aware of ABSA ATMs and partnered retailers which are strategically located to cater to their cash withdrawal needs.

For those seeking an ATM, ABSA’s extensive network can be located through the bank’s online branch locator, a handy tool on their official website. Typically found in high foot-traffic areas, users can effortlessly spot ABSA ATMs in shopping centres, airports, and transport hubs. Additionally, ATM locators within ABSA’s mobile app provide real-time guidance, ensuring users are never far from their cash.

Partnered retailers offer an alternative for regions where ATMs are scarce. These partnerships enable consumers to withdraw money as part of their regular shopping experience. Recognisable retail chains like Pick n Pay, Shoprite, and Woolworths are among the prevalent partners, granting cash withdrawals as a complementary service. This symbiotic relationship not only increases customer convenience but improves access to banking services, particularly in remote or underbanked areas.

Users should bear in mind that while looking for withdrawal points, operating hours may vary. ATMs provide 24/7 service while retailer availability might be subject to the store’s opening times.

Moreover, the intelligent design of the ABSA system empowers users to carry out multiple transactions where withdrawal limits are in place. By understanding their individual limits, users can plan withdrawals in a way that best suits their financial needs without unnecessary delays or hindrances. Secure transactions remain a top priority, and as such, customers are encouraged to transact in well-lit, secure environments to protect their funds.


With ABSA Cash Send’s widespread availability at ABSA ATMs and numerous partnered retailers withdrawing cash has never been more convenient. It’s clear that the service is designed to reach customers even in the most remote locations ensuring that everyone has access to their funds when they need them. Remember to stay vigilant and conduct transactions in secure environments especially when handling large sums. ABSA Cash Send is not just about ease of use—it’s also about bringing financial services to underserved areas and maintaining high security standards for every transaction. Whether you’re in a bustling city centre or a quiet rural town ABSA’s got you covered for your cash withdrawal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABSA Cash Send?

ABSA Cash Send is a digital banking service that enables users to send and receive money with ease, without needing a bank account for the recipient.

How do you withdraw cash using ABSA Cash Send?

To withdraw cash, enter the unique code received from the sender at an ABSA ATM or at one of ABSA’s partnered retailer, following the prompts on the machine.

Are there any security measures during the ABSA Cash Send withdrawal process?

Yes, there are security measures in place, such as a unique access code that expires after a certain period, and the need for a one-time PIN (OTP) during the transaction.

Can I do multiple transactions if the withdrawal limit is exceeded?

Yes, if the withdrawal amount exceeds the ATM’s limit, you can perform multiple transactions until you withdraw the total amount sent.

Where can I access ABSA Cash Send services?

You can access ABSA Cash Send at ABSA ATMs and various partnered retailers across the country.

Is ABSA Cash Send available in remote areas?

Yes, ABSA Cash Send is available in remote or underbanked areas through ABSA ATMs and affiliated retailers, providing wider access to banking services.

Should customers be aware of anything when transacting with ABSA Cash Send?

Customers should be aware of the operating hours of their chosen withdrawal point and are advised to transact in secure environments for their personal safety.

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