Discovery Bank: Everything You Need to Know

Discovery Bank is a financial institution that aims to revolutionize the banking industry by offering a unique approach to banking. This bank is designed to help individuals and businesses improve their financial health and reward them for banking healthier. It is the world’s first behavioural bank that encourages its customers to make better financial decisions.

One of the key features of Discovery Bank is its focus on rewards. Customers can earn rewards for healthy financial behaviour, such as saving money, paying bills on time, and using their credit responsibly. These rewards can be used to reduce fees, earn interest, or even pay for travel. The bank also offers a range of banking products, including savings accounts, credit cards, and transaction accounts, all with competitive interest rates and fees.

Another unique aspect of Discovery Bank is its use of technology. The bank offers a full banking branch in the palm of your hand, with a user-friendly mobile app that allows customers to manage their money better. The app includes features such as spending trackers, budgeting tools, and real-time alerts, making it easier for customers to stay on top of their finances. Overall, Discovery Bank is a promising addition to the banking industry, offering a fresh approach that puts the customer’s financial health first.

Overview of Discovery Bank

Discovery Bank is a South African-based shared-value bank that operates in the healthcare, life insurance, short-term insurance, long-term savings, banking, and wellness markets. Founded in 2019, the bank is a subsidiary of Discovery Limited, a financial services organization that aims to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives.

Discovery Bank is an authorized financial services provider and a registered credit provider that offers a range of banking products and services to its customers. The bank’s products include transactional accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment accounts.

One of the unique features of Discovery Bank is its shared-value model, which aims to create value for all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, and the community. The bank’s model is based on the belief that a healthy society is good for business, and that by promoting health and wellness, the bank can create value for its customers and society as a whole.

Discovery Bank is also at the forefront of the future of banking, with a strong focus on innovation and technology. The bank leverages the latest technology to provide its customers with a seamless and personalized banking experience. The bank’s mobile app, for example, allows customers to manage their accounts, make payments, and access a range of services from their smartphones.

In summary, Discovery Bank is a leading shared-value bank in South Africa that offers a range of innovative banking products and services. The bank’s focus on promoting health and wellness, its shared-value model, and its use of technology make it a unique and forward-thinking player in the banking industry.

Discovery Bank Services

Discovery Bank offers a range of services to its clients, including accounts and credit, digital banking, payment capabilities, and international and forex accounts.

Accounts and Credit

Clients can enjoy a full banking experience with Discovery Bank, including the power of both a transaction and credit card account. There are four Discovery Bank Suites on offer: The Discovery Bank Gold Suite, the Discovery Bank Platinum Suite, the Discovery Bank Black Suite, and the Discovery Bank Purple Suite. Clients can also benefit from a single credit facility that consolidates all their credit balances into one account, making it easier to manage their finances.

Digital Banking

Discovery Bank offers a state-of-the-art digital banking platform that allows clients to manage their accounts and conduct transactions online. The Discovery Bank app is available 24/7 and allows clients to make online payments, including online purchases and digital payments. Clients can also set up alerts to stay informed about their account activity.

Payment Capabilities

Discovery Bank offers a range of payment capabilities, including Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay, and contact payments. The integrated payments platform, Discovery Pay, allows clients to instantly settle out-of-pocket medical expenses and make payments smart, instant, and seamless.

International and Forex Accounts

Clients can open a British Pound, Euro, or US Dollar account in seconds on their banking app, 24/7. They can convert, save, and make secure online payments in over 60 currencies. Plus, they can receive international payments in British Pounds, Euros, US Dollars, and Rands. Discovery Bank also offers real-time forex accounts for clients who require immediate access to foreign currency.

In summary, Discovery Bank offers a comprehensive range of services to its clients, including accounts and credit, digital banking, payment capabilities, and international and forex accounts. With its state-of-the-art digital banking platform and integrated payments platform, Discovery Bank is well-positioned to meet the needs of its clients in the modern banking landscape.

Discovery Bank Products

Discovery Bank offers a range of banking products that are designed to meet the needs of its customers. The bank has a range of savings solutions, day-to-day transaction accounts, state-of-the-art credit cards, full banking suites, and more.

Savings Accounts

With Discovery Bank, customers can choose from a wide range of savings accounts, including demand, notice, tax-free, and fixed deposit savings accounts. The bank offers market-leading interest rates on its savings accounts, making it an attractive option for customers looking to grow their money.

The fixed deposit savings accounts offer higher interest rates than the demand and notice accounts and are ideal for customers who want to save for a specific period. The tax-free savings account allows customers to save tax-free and is an excellent option for those who want to maximize their savings.

Rewards and Benefits

One of the unique features of Discovery Bank is its rewards and benefits program. Customers can earn rewards currency, known as Discovery Miles, by using their Discovery Bank card for everyday transactions. The rewards currency can be redeemed for a range of exclusive benefits and lifestyle rewards, including travel and lifestyle rewards through Vitality Travel.

The bank also offers Vitality Money, a financial wellness program that helps customers manage their money and improve their financial health. Vitality Money offers personalized financial advice and rewards customers for making healthy financial choices.

Discovery Pay

Discovery Bank offers a payment platform called Discovery Pay, which allows customers to make payments quickly and securely. The platform is integrated with the bank’s rewards program, allowing customers to earn rewards currency when they use Discovery Pay. The platform also offers Vitality Pay, which rewards customers for making healthy lifestyle choices.

In conclusion, Discovery Bank offers a range of banking products that cater to the needs of its customers. The bank’s savings accounts offer market-leading interest rates, while its rewards and benefits program provides customers with exclusive benefits and lifestyle rewards. The bank’s payment platform, Discovery Pay, makes payments quick and secure, and is integrated with the bank’s rewards program.

Interest Rates and Fees

Discovery Bank offers a variety of banking products with competitive interest rates and fees. Customers can choose from savings accounts, transaction accounts, credit cards, and fixed deposits.

One of the standout features of Discovery Bank is its dynamic interest rates, which adjust based on a customer’s financial behaviour and Vitality status. The bank also offers a Tax-Free Demand Savings Account, which allows customers to earn interest on their savings without paying tax on the interest earned.

Customers can enjoy zero monthly fees on their transaction accounts, and pay-as-you-transact fees are also available for those who prefer to only pay for the transactions they make.

For those who prefer bundled fees, Discovery Bank offers a range of transaction accounts with bundled fees that include unlimited electronic transactions and discounted international card swipes.

When it comes to credit cards, Discovery Bank offers a Gold Credit Card with a monthly account fee of R30 and an interest rate of up to 2% on positive balances in everyday accounts. Customers can also earn up to 6.75% interest on demand savings accounts.

For those looking to invest their savings, Discovery Bank offers fixed deposits with competitive interest rates. The best interest rate currently available is 9.25% for a 12-month fixed deposit with a minimum deposit of R10,000.

Overall, Discovery Bank’s interest rates and fees are competitive and offer a range of options to suit different customer preferences.

Security and Technology

Discovery Bank takes the security of its customers’ money and personal information very seriously. The bank uses advanced security technologies to protect its customers’ accounts, including facial-recognition technology and virtual cards. Customers can also rest assured that they can access their accounts 24/7, thanks to the bank’s online and mobile banking services.

In addition to these security measures, Discovery Bank also offers a range of other features designed to keep its customers’ money safe. For example, the bank’s virtual card feature allows customers to create a unique card number for each online purchase they make, reducing the risk of fraud. The bank also offers a range of fraud protection services, including a dedicated fraud team that customers can contact if they suspect any irregular activity on their accounts.

Overall, Discovery Bank’s security and technology features are designed to give customers peace of mind when it comes to their money. Whether customers are banking online or using the bank’s mobile app, they can be confident that their accounts are safe and secure.

Additional Services

Discovery Bank offers a range of additional services to its customers, including health pay, airtime, data, water, electricity, travel booking platform, and services for foreign nationals.

The health pay service allows customers to pay for their medical expenses using their Discovery Bank account. This service is available to all customers, including those with medical aid and those without.

Customers can purchase airtime and data bundles directly through the Discovery Bank app. This convenient service allows customers to stay connected without having to leave the app.

In addition to airtime and data, customers can also purchase prepaid electricity and water through the app. This service is particularly useful for those who prefer to manage their utility accounts digitally.

Discovery Bank’s travel booking platform allows customers to book flights, accommodation, car rentals, and more. This platform offers competitive prices and is designed to make travel planning as easy and stress-free as possible.

For foreign nationals, Discovery Bank offers a range of services to help them manage their finances in South Africa. These services include assistance with opening a bank account, transferring funds, and managing foreign exchange transactions.

Overall, Discovery Bank’s additional services are designed to provide customers with a convenient and efficient banking experience. Whether it’s managing utility bills, purchasing airtime and data, or booking travel, customers can rely on Discovery Bank to provide them with the services they need.


In conclusion, Discovery Bank is a unique and innovative banking option for those who are looking to improve their financial health. With its focus on behavioural banking and shared-value, it offers customers the opportunity to earn rewards for making healthier financial decisions.

The bank’s success is evident in its rapid deposit growth and strong client spend. Its exceptional service and commitment to the community are also noteworthy.

Overall, Discovery Bank is a great option for those who want to bank smarter and be rewarded for doing so. Its range of products and services, including life and health insurance, banking, wellness programs, investments, and medical aid administration, make it a one-stop-shop for all financial needs.

If you’re looking for a bank that puts your financial health first, then Discovery Bank is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of opening an account with Discovery Bank?

Opening an account with Discovery Bank comes with a range of benefits, such as competitive interest rates, cashback rewards, and access to exclusive discounts on travel, entertainment, and shopping. Additionally, Discovery Bank offers a range of innovative features, such as the ability to link your Vitality Money status to your interest rates, and the ability to earn rewards for good financial behaviour.

Who is eligible to open an account with Discovery Bank?

To open an account with Discovery Bank, you must be a South African citizen or permanent resident, and be at least 18 years old. You will also need to provide proof of identity and address, as well as meet the bank’s minimum income requirements.

Is Discovery Bank affiliated with FNB?

Yes, Discovery Bank is a fully licensed bank and is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, which is a subsidiary of FirstRand Limited. FirstRand Bank Limited is also the holding company of FNB, WesBank, and RMB.

What are the fees associated with a Discovery Bank account?

Discovery Bank offers a range of accounts with different fee structures, depending on your needs and preferences. Some accounts offer zero monthly fees, while others may charge a monthly fee but offer additional benefits and rewards. It is important to carefully review the fee structures and terms and conditions of each account before opening an account.

What is the Discovery Bank app and how does it work?

The Discovery Bank app is a mobile application that allows you to manage your bank accounts, track your spending, and earn rewards for good financial behaviour. The app offers a range of innovative features, such as the ability to link your Vitality Money status to your interest rates, and the ability to earn rewards for good financial behaviour.

What is the contact number for Discovery Bank customer support?

If you need assistance with your Discovery Bank account, you can contact the bank’s customer support team by calling 0860 11 22 73. The customer support team is available 24/7 and can assist you with a range of queries, such as account enquiries, technical support, and general banking advice.

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