Discovery Vitality Apple Watch Benefit

I’m thinking of getting an Apple Watch and using the Discovery Vitality benefit. The only downside I can see is that I need to get a Discovery credit card and I guess the activation fee. Has anyone used this offer and anything else I should be aware of?

Here’s the details I got from their website:

The Discovery Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch benefit is a programme designed to incentivise physical activity among its members by offering a way to fund an Apple Watch. Through consistent engagement with weekly fitness targets, Vitality Health members can essentially earn their Apple Watch. This practically integrates technology with health, encouraging users to lead more active lifestyles.

The mechanism is straightforward: by regularly meeting physical activity goals, individuals can finance the full cost of their Apple Watch over a 24-month period. This is tracked using the Discovery app, where fitness points are accrued. The initiative is not only a financial incentive but also serves as a digital health partner, helping to monitor and encourage daily activity levels.

Moreover, specific terms apply to the benefit, such as activating this offer once per policy in a two-year billing period.

Active Rewards with Apple Watch

This initiative allows members to fund an Apple Watch by consistently achieving their weekly Vitality Active Rewards exercise goals. Over a span of 24 months, members can earn the cost of their Apple Watch, effectively making it a complimentary part of their journey to better health. For senior members, known as Vitality 65+, there is an additional benefit of receiving a full refund of the activation fee for the Apple Watch upon signing up.

  • Exercise Goals:
    • Must be met weekly to qualify for Apple Watch funding
  • Eligibility:
    • Members must be actively enrolled in the full Vitality programme
    • The Apple Watch benefit is a one-time offer per lifetime

Eligibility and Activation

Members must meet specific criteria and follow a straightforward activation process to access the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch benefit. This section delves into the details of both eligibility and activation steps.

Eligibility for Vitality Apple Watch Benefit

Members interested in the Apple Watch benefit must:

  • Own an iPhone XS or later model with the latest iOS version.
  • Have Vitality Active Rewards activated within their plan.

Activation of the Discovery App

Upon confirming eligibility, members must:

  1. Download the Discovery Bank app.
  2. Complete the registration process using their registration number.
  3. Activate Vitality Active Rewards within the app.

A non-refundable activation fee is applicable, which is refundable for Vitality 65+ members. This fee covers the initial cost of the Apple Watch, incentivising members to reach their weekly goals for a potential full refund over 24 months.

Earning the Apple Watch

Vitality Health members can fully fund an Apple Watch by meeting specific exercise goals. Achieving weekly Vitality Active Rewards targets over a 24-month period allows members to earn the watch effectively at no cost.

Exercise Goals for Vitality Members

Members are expected to meet weekly exercise goals tracked via the Discovery app. Achieving these goals consistently contributes to funding the Apple Watch. The exercise targets align with a member’s personal fitness levels and are designed to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

Tracking the Exercise and Earning Rewards

The Discovery app plays a crucial role in monitoring daily activity and exercise. Members earn Vitality fitness points by recording various forms of exercise, which count towards their weekly fitness goals. Meeting these goals triggers weekly rewards that contribute to funding the Apple Watch. The process not only incentivises members to stay fit but also offers a tangible reward through cutting-edge wearable technology.

Financial Considerations

When considering the Discovery Vitality Apple Watch benefit, individuals should understand the cost implications and the requirement of affiliating with a Discovery Bank credit card. These two aspects are crucial for potential participants who aim to leverage this health-focused incentive.

Cost Distribution and Funding

The Discovery Vitality Apple Watch benefit allows individuals to fund their Apple Watch over a period of 24 months by fulfilling their weekly Vitality Active Rewards exercise goals. The cost is spread over this time, encouraging consistent physical activity to offset the expense. Initially, members must pay an activation fee of R1,199, which can be refunded for Vitality members who are 65 years and older.

  • Activation Fee: R1,199
  • Funding Duration: 24 months
  • Full Funding: Upon meeting weekly exercise goals

Credit Card Linkage with Discovery Bank

To participate in the Apple Watch benefit, members need to have a Discovery Bank credit card. This card must maintain a credit limit of at least R15,000 and an available balance of at least R5,000 after the payment of the activation fee. The linkage with this credit card is essential for the initial transaction and subsequent reward system that facilitates the funding of the watch.

  • Minimum Credit Limit: R15,000
  • Minimum Available Balance: R5,000
  • Discovery Bank Credit Card: Required for activation and funding

Product Options and Upgrades

Discovery Vitality members who utilise the Apple Watch benefit can access a selection of Apple Watch models to aid in their health and fitness journeys.

Range of Apple Watches Available

Discovery Vitality offers a variety of Apple Watch models that cater to diverse preferences and needs. Members can choose from:

  • Apple Watch Series SE GPS: A more recent model balancing advanced features with cost efficiency.
  • Apple Watch Series 9: Geared towards those seeking enhanced health monitoring.

To obtain these products, members can visit an iStore. The retail price of each model is determined by its specifications and capabilities. For upgrades, Vitality members may settle any outstanding amounts on their current benefit to begin a new term with their selected model, thus keeping pace with technological advancements in the Apple Watch lineup.

Terms and Programme Limits

The Discovery Vitality Apple Watch benefit is designed to reward members for achieving their health goals. However, individuals must thoroughly understand the terms and conditions and be aware of any limitations and exclusions that apply to the programme.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: To access the Apple Watch benefit, one must be a primary account holder or a spouse member and above the age of 21 on a Vitality Health policy. Moreover, possessing a qualifying Discovery Bank credit card as a primary or secondary cardholder is essential.

Activation: An activation fee is applicable when the benefit is set up. Persons must not have defaulted on any prior penalty deductions to be able to activate the benefit again.

Limitations and Exclusions to the Benefit

Limitations: The Apple Watch benefit is available for redemption every 24 months, meaning that members need to wait for this period once redeemed before reaccessing the benefit.

Vitality 65+: Specific conditions apply to members over the age of 65 regarding the achievement of fitness goals and accessing the benefits.

Benefit Guide and Monthly Benefits: It is imperative to consult the Benefit Guide for comprehensive information. Monthly goals and their respective benefits correspond to the month the goal cycle concludes.

Limits: Entities must abide by the predetermined limits and exclusions outlined in the terms. Failure to adhere to these could result in the cancellation of the benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries relating to the Discovery Vitality Apple Watch benefit, clarifying the advantages and requirements associated with this wellness incentive.

What benefits do Vitality members receive when purchasing an Apple Watch?

Vitality members can activate a Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch benefit, allowing them to fund their Apple Watch over a 24-month. They must meet weekly fitness goals to apply the rewards towards their Apple Watch funding.

How can Vitality points be accrued using an Apple Watch?

Members accrue Vitality points by achieving their weekly Vitality Active Rewards exercise goals. These goals are tracked using the Apple Watch, and meeting them contributes to the funding of the device.

Are any discounts available for Vitality participants on the Apple Watch Series 9?

The search results do not provide current information for discounts, specifically on the Apple Watch Series 9 for Vitality participants. Discounts and benefits typically apply to various models and are subject to meeting certain activity milestones.

What steps must be taken to link an Apple Watch to Vitality South Africa?

To link an Apple Watch to Vitality South Africa, a member must follow the specific instructions provided by Discovery, which typically involves syncing the Apple Watch with the Discovery mobile app to track their activity and earn points.

What concerns have been raised regarding the Apple Watch through the Discovery Vitality programme?

The provided search results do not detail specific concerns raised about the Apple Watch through the Discovery Vitality programme. Members should know the terms and conditions, such as the non-refundable activation fee and the need to achieve weekly exercise goals to fund their devices.

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