Discovery Vitality and Nike Benefit

Yesterday, I took advantage of the Nike benefit in Vitality, getting a cool 45% off a pair of Nike shoes from Sportsman Warehouse. The catch was it was only up to R900, but still, a R900 discount is a R900 discount!

Nike Benefit

Here’s the discount code I generated from the Vitality app. It applies to any Nike shoes, and you can generate a code once per year.

Here’s all the deets. Discovery Vitality members can benefit from a strategic partnership with the global sporting brand Nike. Through this collaboration, active members can tap into the Vitality Active Gear benefit, which offers substantial discounts on Nike performance gear. This offering intends to encourage a healthier lifestyle by making top-tier athletic footwear and apparel more accessible to individuals committed to their fitness.

The Vitality Active Gear Nike benefit rewards members for maintaining their physical activity. Members are afforded up to 75% off on Nike performance footwear and apparel when engaging with the Vitality Active Rewards programme. This discount is available at participating Nike stores, Sportsmans Warehouse, and Totalsports outlets throughout South Africa, although it excludes purchases made at Nike Factory stores and

The incentive is part of Discovery’s mission to help its members reach their health and wellness goals. By integrating the benefit with the Vitality Active Rewards system, members are encouraged to remain active through financial savings and have the added advantage of equipping themselves with high-quality gear that may enhance their performance and enrich their active lifestyle (I ran faster with my new shoes!).

Understanding the Vitality and Nike Partnership

Key Benefits of the Partnership

  • Discount on Nike Products: Members can save significantly on Nike performance footwear and apparel. Qualifying Discovery Bank clients enrolled in the Vitality Money programme can increase their Active Gear discounts, enhancing the affordability of staying physically active.
  • Access to Top-Quality Athletic Gear: By partnering with a global brand like Nike, Vitality members can access products that may help them achieve their best athletic performance.
  • Vitality Active Rewards: This reward scheme encourages members to stay active and earn rewards for reaching health and fitness milestones. The discounts offered through the partnership can serve as an additional motivator for members to sustain an active lifestyle.

Eligibility and Enrollment

  • Vitality Membership Required: To participate in the benefits of this partnership, individuals must be members of Discovery Vitality.
  • Enrollment via Discovery App: Members can enrol for the Vitality Active Rewards using the Discovery app, enabling them to utilise the Nike benefit.
  • Vitality Active Gear Benefit: Upon enrollment into the program, members receive an upfront discount that can be used at Nike concept stores, excluding Nike Factory outlets and, under the Vitality Active Gear benefit.

Maximising Discounts on Nike Products

Discovery Vitality members can access a range of discounts on Nike products by effectively engaging with the programme’s various components.

HealthyGear and Shoe Booster

Vitality Active Gear offers an upfront discount on Nike performance footwear and apparel. This discount can reach up to 75% and is available to members at Nike concept stores, excluding factory outlets and the online platform. To increase their savings, members can utilise the Shoe Booster benefit by accumulating points through physical activity, boosting the discount further. Here is how members can maximise their Vitality Active Gear benefit:

  1. Activate Vitality Active Rewards to become eligible for the benefit.
  2. Shop at Nike Concept Stores to apply the benefit to purchases.

Understanding Your Vitality Money Status

Members holding a Discovery Bank account can further their savings through their Vitality Money status. A personalised discount based on one’s Vitality Money status can add up to a 25% discount on Nike products. Here are the steps members can follow:

  • Determine Vitality Age: Members can find this online through the Vitality Health Check.
  • Complete Health Assessments: Undertaking a Vitality Health Check or a Virtual Vitality Health Check-in can increase savings.

Members can significantly reduce the cost of Nike performance gear by following these steps and maintaining their Vitality programme engagement.

Leveraging Vitality Active Rewards and Goals

The Discovery Vitality programme members can earn substantial rewards, notably discounts on Nike products, by setting and meeting specific exercise goals through Vitality Active Rewards.

Setting and Meeting Exercise Goals

The process for members begins with establishing their exercise goals. Once defined, these objectives entail a commitment to active living that’s tracked and rewarded. Vitality Active Rewards exercise goals are weekly targets that, when achieved, can lead to substantial savings on premium fitness devices and sportswear.

  • Personal Best: Striving for one’s own peak performance is highly encouraged and rewarded in the programme.
  • Sports Gear: Keeping motivated to reach these goals is easier when there’s the promise of high-quality gear as an incentive.

By accumulating sufficient weekly exercise goals, members can unlock significant discounts on various products, including performance footwear and apparel provided by Nike.

Activating Rewards through the Discovery App

Discovery Vitality’s collaboration with Nike extends to a card-free offering, available exclusively through the Discovery app, which members can utilise to reap the rewards.

  1. Initial Discount Activation: A percentage off is immediately granted when members activate Vitality Active Rewards on the Discovery app.

  2. Vitality Health Checks: Further discounts can be obtained by completing a Vitality Age assessment and a Vitality Health Check.

These app-driven activities facilitate the monitoring of progress towards achieving weekly goals and ensure members can conveniently activate and enjoy their discounts on fitness devices and sports equipment. This smart synergy between tech and fitness aids members in maintaining a healthier lifestyle while receiving deserved rewards.

Exclusive Access to Vitality Active Gear

Discovery Vitality members can access various sports equipment and apparel, including Nike products, at substantially discounted rates through the Vitality Active Gear benefit.

Extensive Range of Qualifying Products

The Vitality Active Gear benefit collaboration with Nike provides active members with an impressive 75% discount on selected Nike performance footwear and apparel. These products are available at multiple retail outlets, including Nike stores, Sportsmans Warehouse, and Totalsports stores, ensuring that members have a variety of locations to redeem their benefits. However, purchases at Nike Factory stores and online at are not eligible for the discount.

Understanding the Spend Limits and Discounts

Members interested in utilising the Vitality Active Gear benefits should note the following terms:

  • Qualifying Spend: To take advantage of the discounts, one must first meet the Vitality program’s exercise goals. Only then does the discount apply.
  • Vitality Active Gear Spend Limit: The total discount available is based on the member’s activity level and spend limit, which is fundamentally connected to their Vitality status and exercise achievements.
  • Retail Value: The discount applied to qualifying products is based on the retail value of the items. Consequently, members can enjoy significant savings on premium gear.

No activation fee is currently required to access these benefits, allowing members to use their discounts immediately following activation of Vitality Active Rewards.

Navigating Partnership Outlets and Online Stores

With the Vitality Active Gear benefit, Vitality members can enjoy significant discounts on Nike products. Members must identify authorised retailers to ensure they can properly utilise their benefits.

Identifying Authorised Retailers

Members should know the participating outlets when purchasing Nike performance footwear and apparel with the Vitality Active Gear benefit. The authorised retailers are Nike stores, Sportsmans Warehouse, and Totalsports. However, this benefit does not extend to Nike Factory stores or purchases made on There is no need for an activation fee or a specific benefit card, facilitating immediate access to the discount upon activating Vitality.

The key for members is to recognise that they should seek the active gear benefit only at the aforementioned outlets. To simplify the search for these authorised retailers, here’s a breakdown:

  • Nike stores: 75% off on qualifying items
  • Sportsmans Warehouse: Included in the discount scheme
  • Totalsports: Offers the Vitality Active Gear benefit
  • Nike Factory stores: Not included
  • Excluded from the benefit program

Frequently Asked Questions

This section clarifies how members can utilise their Discovery Vitality benefits to obtain discounts on Nike products and understand the comprehensive rewards available.

How can one obtain a discount on Nike products through Discovery Vitality?

Members can increase their discount on Nike performance footwear and apparel by completing health assessments and exercise goals and spending responsibly with Discovery Bank. The discount can be boosted up to 75% for qualifying Discovery Bank clients enrolled in the Vitality Money programme.

What are the benefits available with Discovery Vitality membership?

Discovery Vitality membership offers discounts on various health and wellness products, including Nike performance gear. Upon activating Vitality Active Rewards, members can get an upfront discount at Nike stores. Discounts on flights are also available, ranging from 10% to 35%, and can be increased with a compatible Discovery Bank account.

Which fitness watches are compatible with the Discovery Vitality programme?

The Vitality programme is compatible with a variety of fitness devices. However, the specific models and brands eligible for the discounts and the rewards program should be checked on the official Discovery Vitality website or by contacting customer service for the most up-to-date information.

What steps should one take to maximise the benefits of their Discovery Vitality membership?

To maximise benefits, members should activate Vitality Active Rewards, complete relevant health assessments, meet exercise goals, and engage in responsible financial behaviour with Discovery Bank. These steps can enhance the available discounts across partnered retailers and services.

How does one access the Vitality Active Gear catalogue to use their benefits?

The Vitality Active Gear catalogue lists discounted Nike performance gear and is accessible to members who have activated Vitality Active Rewards. Specific details on accessing this benefit can be found in the membership guides and through the Discovery website.

Can you explain the discounts on fitness devices with the Discovery Vitality scheme?

Under the Discovery Vitality scheme, members can earn significant discounts on fitness devices, including compatible fitness watches, by achieving set exercise goals and responsible spending with Discovery Bank. The extent of the discounts depends on the members’ level of engagement with the programme and adherence to health assessments.

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