Hollard Funeral Cover: Your Guide to Comprehensive Bereavement Protection

Hollard Insurance Group, one of the larger privately-owned insurance groups in South Africa, offers comprehensive funeral cover options. Their suite of products is designed to provide financial support and peace of mind in the event of a family member’s death. With a history of innovation and customer-focused service, Hollard Life Assurance Company extends its offerings with a range of funeral policies, underscoring the importance of security in life’s most challenging moments.

The Hollard funeral cover plans cater to various customer needs and budgets, allowing for a tailored fit to individual requirements. These plans not only aim to cover funeral expenses but also offer additional benefits, such as payouts for children’s university fees and other family support features. Potential policyholders can apply for this insurance online or over the phone, highlighting Hollard’s commitment to accessibility and convenience.

Catering further to customer needs, Hollard has integrated modern platforms like WhatsApp into their service model, making communication around claims submissions more immediate and user-friendly. This initiative reflects the company’s progressive approach to insurance, recognising the need for flexibility and ease in managing policy details. Through its self-service portal, Hollard facilitates efficient policy management, providing users with secure access to their policy details and the convenience of filing claims online.

Understanding Funeral Cover

When considering the Hollard Insurance Company for funeral cover, potential policyholders are presented with a variety of options designed to alleviate the financial burden associated with funeral costs and provide peace of mind.

Benefits of Hollard Funeral Cover

Hollard Funeral Cover aims to offer individuals and families solid financial protection in the event of a loved one’s passing. Here are some specific benefits:

  • Immediate Cover: The policy can be activated quickly, often in a matter of minutes, facilitating rapid support for those insured.
  • Extended Family Cover: Policyholders can also opt to include coverage for parents, parents-in-law, and additional children, beyond the standard package.
  • High Payout Options: Cover amounts range up to R75,000, providing substantial financial support for funeral expenses.
  • Educational Benefit for Children: Certain policies include a payout towards children’s university fees, thus extending the benefit beyond immediate funeral costs.
  • Transport Benefits: Some policies provide practical support like the use of a car with a full tank of petrol and unlimited mileage to help during the funeral arrangements.

How Funeral Insurance Works

The essence of funeral insurance is to offer financial security and peace of mind through a structured policy:

  1. Policy Inception: After selecting the level of cover that meets their needs, individuals can quickly create a policy online or over the phone.
  2. Monthly Premiums: Policyholders pay regular premiums to maintain the policy’s active status.
  3. Claim Process: In the event of a death, a swift claim process ensures that covered funeral expenses are provided for, easing the financial strain during a time of loss.
  4. Adjusted Coverage: Policyholders have the option to adjust coverage amounts over time to better fit changing family needs and circumstances.

Hollard Funeral Insurance operates as a financial safekeeping, ensuring that one’s family is spared from the financial distress of funeral costs and can honour the memory of the departed without undue concern over expenses.

Hollard Funeral Cover Features

Hollard Funeral Cover offers a range of features designed to provide financial support and peace of mind to individuals and families during difficult times. The cover includes benefits specifically for the policyholder, immediate family members, as well as options for extended family coverage.

Individual Funeral Benefit

Hollard’s individual funeral benefit provides a financial safety net ensuring that one’s own funeral expenses are taken care of. The policyholder may receive coverage up to R75,000, depending on the selected funeral plan.

Family Members Coverage

Immediate family members such as a spouse and children are eligible for coverage at no extra cost for up to five children under the funeral policy. This allows for a complete and cost-effective solution for family funeral expenses.

Extended Family Options

Policyholders have the options to include parents, parents-in-law, and additional children if they have more than five. This extended coverage ensures that the policyholder can offer the same level of financial support for a dignified funeral to a wider circle of loved ones.

Accidental Death Benefit

The Hollard Funeral Cover includes an accidental death benefit, providing additional cover in the unfortunate event of accidental death. This feature offers more substantial support above the standard funeral benefit, adding an extra layer of financial reassurance.

Policy Management

Managing a funeral cover policy with Hollard is designed to be a straightforward process, providing policyholders with the ability to keep their policies up to date and handle necessary tasks efficiently.

Managing Premiums

Policyholders have the responsibility to pay premiums on time to ensure their funeral cover remains active. Hollard allows its customers to manage their policy payments through a secure portal, where they can view and update their payment details. Regular payment of premiums is crucial to maintain the policy and avoid lapses in cover.

Understanding the Waiting Period

A waiting period is a standard term in insurance policies that dictates a timeframe during which benefits are not yet payable. Policyholders must be aware that Hollard’s funeral cover likely includes a waiting period, which affects when the beneficiary can make a valid claim. Policy documents accessed through the client portal provide specific details regarding the duration of the waiting period attached to the policy.

Making a Claim

In the event of death, a claim can be filed by the beneficiary. To process a valid claim, the beneficiary needs to submit the necessary policy documents, including a notice of death form, the funeral policy number, and the policyholder’s ID number. Hollard aims for an efficient claims process, and if all required documents are provided promptly, claims can typically be paid out within a specified time frame, often 48 hours. Policyholders can manage their policy and file claims using Hollard’s self-service portal, which is designed for ease of use and accessibility.

Financial Considerations

When considering Hollard Funeral Cover, individuals must be aware of the specific costs associated with funerals and the importance of planning for these expenses, which may increase over time due to inflation and other economic factors.

Assessing Funeral Costs

Funeral costs can vary widely, but they generally include expenses such as the funeral service, coffin, hearse, and catering. Hollard’s funeral policies offer coverage options that may help alleviate the financial burden by providing a lump sum upon the policyholder’s death. For instance, cover amounts range from R10,000 to R75,000, ensuring that the funeral costs are adequately accounted for without placing undue stress on loved ones.

Planning for Rising Funeral Expenses

The rising cost of funerals is an inevitable reality. Planning ahead with a funeral policy from Hollard can protect policyholders against these increasing expenses. The benefit of receiving a lump sum payout can ensure that even as the costs rise, one’s family will have access to funds that can cover the necessary services and arrangements. This prepares families for the financial impact of not just current, but also future funeral costs, providing peace of mind and financial security.

Additional Benefits

Hollard Funeral Cover offers a suite of tailor-made features, ensuring that policyholders can rest assured that their additional needs are addressed. Among these features, the Paid-Up Benefit and Support for Education stand out, offering financial assistance in specific circumstances beyond the funeral itself.

Paid-Up Benefit

The Paid-Up Benefit ensures that if the policyholder passes away, the family will not have to continue paying premiums to maintain the cover. This means that once the benefit is activated, the funeral policy remains active without requiring any further payment, easing the financial burden on the family during a difficult time.

Support for Education

In an effort to provide long-term support, Support for Education encompasses provisions such as additional payouts which can significantly aid the policyholder’s children. Specifically, Hollard’s cover extends to include a financial safety net designed to assist with university fees, ensuring that the future educational needs of the children are considered and catered for.

Policy Eligibility and Restrictions

When considering Hollard Funeral Cover, it is vital for potential policyholders to be aware of the eligibility criteria and restrictions. These ensure that policy benefits align with individuals’ specific circumstances.

Cover for Partners and Children

Hollard Funeral Cover extends its benefits to cover not only the policyholder but also their partner and children. The cover allows for inclusion of:

  • Spouse/Partner: The policyholder can include their spouse or partner with ease, ensuring that the financial burden during a time of loss is mitigated.
  • Children: Coverage extends to up to five of the policyholder’s children at no extra cost, providing peace of mind that the entire immediate family is protected.

Additional Family Members:
For those with more than five children, Hollard offers the option to add coverage for additional children, though this may come with added costs.

Age Limitations

Hollard Funeral Cover implements age-related conditions to maintain policy integrity:

  • Policyholder’s Age at Entry: The entry age for the policyholder is typically capped, and this upper limit ensures that Hollard can provide services to a broad demographic.
  • Children: There are also age restrictions on the children that can be covered under a policyholder’s funeral cover, usually capping the age at which children can be included in the family plan.


Hollard provides a range of funeral cover options to suit different needs and budgets. Their offerings ensure that individuals can secure financial assistance for funeral expenses, delivering peace of mind to policyholders and their family members.

  • Funeral Plan Range: From R10,000 to R75,000, catering to diverse financial capacities.
  • Benefits: Cover extends to children and may include additional perks like legal assistance.
  • Ease of Access: Policies can be arranged quickly online, emphasising convenience.

With Hollard’s funeral plans, one can prepare for the unforeseen with confidence, knowing that the insurer has a broad footprint and a solid reputation. The funeral cover is designed to relieve the financial burden that comes with planning a funeral, allowing families to focus on grieving and honouring the memory of their loved one.

It’s important for prospective consumers to consider their individual needs and compare the available plans. Hollard’s approach to funeral cover is to offer practical, reliable solutions, which is essential during a time when clarity and simplicity are valued by those dealing with loss.

In summary, Hollard’s funeral cover options stand out for their straightforward benefits aimed at reducing the stress associated with funeral costs. The insurer’s commitment to flexibility and customer care is reflected in their policies, ensuring that families are supported during difficult times.

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