How to Earn eBucks: Proven Strategies for Maximising Rewards

Earning eBucks is an advantageous opportunity for those looking to make the most of their banking and shopping experiences. As a rewards programme in South Africa, eBucks allows customers to accumulate points through various transactions and activities, which can later be exchanged for exclusive lifestyle benefits. By understanding how to earn eBucks effectively, one can capitalise on these rewards and enjoy an enhanced financial experience.

The process of earning eBucks is quite simple, as points can be generated through everyday banking transactions, shopping, travel, and more. Primarily associated with FNB and RMB Private Bank, customers can accumulate eBucks by swiping their bank cards, entering card details online and engaging with eBucks partners. The higher one’s rewards level, the more eBucks can be earned, making it essential to be aware of the opportunities available for maximising eBucks accumulation.

In addition to banking with FNB and RMB Private Bank, customers can also earn eBucks through various partners such as Checkers, Shoprite, FNB Connect contracts, prepaid purchases, and Forex transactions. By participating in these activities and making a conscientious effort to prioritise eBucks-eligible transactions, customers can effectively optimise their rewards and reap the benefits of the eBucks programme.

Understanding Ebucks Rewards

What are Ebucks?

Ebucks is a rewards programme offered by First National Bank (FNB) and RMB Private Bank to their customers. It allows them to earn points, called eBucks, on their bank transactions and when making purchases from partner retailers. These eBucks can then be spent on various products and services, such as fuel, electronics, travel, and entertainment.

Benefits of Ebucks Rewards Programme

There are several benefits to joining the eBucks Rewards Programme:

  1. Earn while you bank: Customers earn eBucks simply by using their qualifying FNB or RMB Private Bank accounts for everyday transactions.
  2. Rewards from partners: When making purchases from eBucks partners, customers earn additional eBucks, making the programme even more rewarding.
  3. Wide variety of redemption options: eBucks can be spent on a diverse range of products and services, including travel, electronics, and fashion.
  4. Save money: By using eBucks to pay for products and services, customers can save on their expenses.
  5. Higher reward levels, greater benefits: As customers earn more eBucks, they progress through various reward levels, gaining access to increased rewards and benefits.

Ebucks Rewards Tiers and Reward Levels

The eBucks Rewards Programme has different reward levels, which determine the earn rate and benefits available to customers. These levels are based on factors such as the customer’s account type, banking behaviour, and the amount of eBucks earned.

  • Level 1: This is the entry level for all customers who have a qualifying FNB or RMB Private Bank account.
  • Level 2 – 5: Higher reward levels are achieved by meeting certain requirements and earning more eBucks. The benefits and earn rates increase with each level.

For example, at Reward Level 5, Premier customers can enjoy a 15% return on their Shoprite Checkers spend, among other benefits.

To maximise their eBucks earnings and reach higher reward levels, customers should actively use their bank accounts, meet the programme requirements, and make purchases from eBucks partners. This not only allows them to enjoy the numerous benefits of the eBucks Rewards Programme but also enables them to save money on their day-to-day expenses.

Eligibility and Enrolment

How to Join the eBucks Rewards Programme

Joining the eBucks Rewards Programme is simple and straightforward. There is no joining fee and no monthly subscription fee. To enrol and start earning eBucks, follow these easy steps:

  1. Ensure that you have a qualifying FNB account (more details in the next subsection).
  2. Log in to your Online Banking or the FNB App.
  3. Navigate to the eBucks section, and follow the prompts to complete the enrolment process.

Once you’ve joined the eBucks Rewards Programme, you can start earning eBucks by using your eligible FNB bank cards and completing transactions, such as swiping your card or entering your card details online.

Qualifying FNB Accounts

Several FNB accounts qualify for the eBucks Rewards Programme. Here are the main account types and the associated credit cards eligible to earn eBucks:

  • FNB Premier: Individuals with an FNB Premier Current or Fusion Account can earn eBucks using their FNB Premier Debit or Credit Card. If you only have an FNB Premier Credit Card and no FNB Premier Current or Fusion Account, you can still earn eBucks, albeit at 50% of the standard rates.

  • FNB Private Clients: Individuals with an FNB Private Clients Account can earn eBucks using their FNB Private Clients Credit Card.

It is important to note that eBucks earn rates can differ based on the account type and specific transaction methods. Additionally, the percentage of eBucks earned may depend on your reward level, which ranges from Level 1 to Level 5. Meeting specific requirements, such as deposit or balance rules and maintaining good account standing, can help you move up reward levels and increase your eBucks earnings.

Always refer to the official eBucks Rewards Programme guidelines for the most accurate and up-to-date information about qualifying accounts, earning rates, and reward levels.

Earning Ebucks

Using FNB Credit Cards

Earning eBucks is straightforward when you use FNB credit cards for your purchases. The number of eBucks earned depends on the type of account you have with the bank. Each transaction with your FNB card at eligible partner stores accumulates a specific percentage of eBucks points. Remember, the percentage of eBucks earned may vary depending on your bank account type.

Shop Partners and Categories

FNB partner stores and specific categories play an essential role in earning eBucks. Examples include:

  • Fuel and travel purchases, including at service stations and when using Uber
  • Grocery shopping at Checkers and Shoprite
  • Online shopping with FNB’s online partners

Remember, you can earn up to 10% back in eBucks from select eBucks partners.

Engaging with FNB Services

Alongside using FNB credit and debit cards, here are additional ways to earn eBucks:

  1. FNB Connect contract: Earning eBucks on prepaid purchases (mobile)
  2. Forex: Earn eBucks on foreign exchange services
  3. WesBank: Obtain eBucks while financing vehicles with WesBank

Remember to keep your account active and maintain a regular deposit into your account based on the requirements for your account type.

Smart Spend Practices

To maximise your eBucks earnings, consider the following tips:

  • Use FNB cards for the majority of your purchases
  • Prioritise spending at eBucks partners
  • Regularly check for new partners and promotional offers
  • Set up debit orders with eBucks partners to earn points consistently

By following these smart spend practices, you will be able to earn eBucks more effectively and enjoy the benefits associated with the rewards programme.

Maximising Ebucks Earnings

Understanding Reward Levels

Ebucks is a rewards programme offered by First National Bank (FNB) in South Africa. Members can earn points through various banking activities, which can then be redeemed for rewards and discounts. There are five levels in the Ebucks rewards system, with Level 1 having the fewest benefits and Level 5 offering the most. The amount of Ebucks points you earn depends on your level and banking activities.

To maximise Ebucks earnings, it is essential to understand how the reward levels work and what actions can help you progress through them. Account holders can earn points by using FNB products, such as debit or credit cards, maintaining account activity and participating in FNB Life events. Higher reward levels not only increase the earning rate of Ebucks but also offer greater access to exclusive deals and discounts.

Maintaining Account Activity

One of the most important factors in maximising your Ebucks earnings is ensuring that your FNB accounts are active and in good standing. You can do this by:

  • Using your FNB debit or credit card to make purchases online or in-store
  • Transacting through FNB Pay, a contactless payment solution
  • Setting up auto payments or debit orders

Regular account activity demonstrates to the bank that you are an engaged customer, which can help you collect more points and ultimately move up in the Ebucks reward levels.

Leveraging Bank Products

Apart from staying active with your accounts, another strategy to maximise your Ebucks earnings is to make use of the various banking products and services offered by FNB. Some options include:

  • Utilising FNB’s banking app to monitor and manage your finances
  • Participating in FNB Life events, which can earn you extra Ebucks points
  • Shopping at the Ebucks Shop, both online and in physical stores
  • Paying your account fees on time

By leveraging a broad range of FNB’s products, you can not only maximise your Ebucks earnings but also streamline your financial management process. Moreover, staying aware of promotions and special offers is key to extracting the most value from your Ebucks membership.

Spending eBucks

Ebucks Shop and Online Shopping

Earning eBucks is only half the process; the next step is spending them. One popular way to spend eBucks is through the eBucks Shop or by shopping online. The eBucks system allows members to purchase a variety of products and services on their website using their earned eBucks. From electronics to fashion, there’s a wide range of options to suit every taste. Furthermore, members can also make use of their accumulated eBucks when shopping at online partner stores. This makes the overall purchasing experience seamless and rewarding.

In-store Payments

Ebucks can not only be spent online but also in various physical stores affiliated with the rewards programme. Among the notable retail partners are Checkers and Shoprite, where one can make in-store payments using eBucks for a variety of products. To do so, simply follow the eBucks payment option at the point of sale, which typically involves a mobile banking app transaction or the member’s unique eBucks card. Additionally, FNB and RMB Private Bank customers can use Cash@Till on selected merchants with just their bank card to carry out in-store purchases without the need to withdraw cash at an ATM.

Travel and Fuel Benefits

eBucks Rewards also cater to those with a penchant for travel. Members can use their accumulated eBucks to book flights, accommodation, or even car hire through eBucks Travel. These travel services provide a convenient way to turn eBucks into memorable experiences while exploring different destinations.

Moreover, eBucks can be spent on fuel at selected petrol stations like Engen. By using an FNB or RMB Private Bank card affiliated with the rewards program, members can easily redeem their eBucks to help offset the costs associated with refuelling their vehicles. This adds even more practical value to the eBucks rewards system.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

Ebucks Programme Rules

It is important to understand and adhere to the eBucks programme rules in order to maximise your earnings. The programme rules may vary depending on the account you have and how you bank. Typically, eBucks are earned by swiping your bank card or entering your bank card details for online transactions. Different percentages may apply to your earned eBucks depending on your account and banking activities. Remember to update yourself on these rules by visiting the eBucks website.

Fees and Charges

The eBucks programme generally has no monthly subscription or joining fees, which is beneficial for customers. However, it is crucial to be aware of any fees or charges related to your bank account and credit card, as these will affect the overall value of the rewards programme. Financial institutions may charge account maintenance, ATM withdrawal, or card transaction fees. Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions related to your account and credit card to avoid any unexpected charges.

Account-related ChargesCredit Card-related Charges
Account Maintenance FeesAnnual Credit Card Fees
ATM Withdrawal FeesLate Payment Fees
Card Transaction FeesOver Limit Fees

Privacy and Security

Since eBucks transactions often involve online banking and card details, it is crucial that customers ensure their privacy and security. Financial institutions take multiple measures to safeguard their customers’ information, and it is a customer’s responsibility to be aware and follow these requirements. To maintain security, avoid sharing your bank account or credit card details with untrusted sources, and monitor your account activity regularly. Additionally, familiarise yourself with any privacy policies related to the eBucks programme and your financial institution, as these will address how they handle your data and protect your information.

Troubleshooting and Support

Tracking Rewards and Resolving Issues

To track your rewards and monitor your eBucks earning progress, you can use the FNB app or online banking. The app is particularly useful, as it provides a comprehensive eBucks summary, including rewards earned, eBucks level, and partner transactions.

It is important to routinely check your eBucks rewards to ensure accuracy. In case of discrepancies, such as missing or unaccounted for eBucks, you should take the following steps:

  1. Double-check your transaction history and eBucks earning rules.
  2. Ensure the transaction qualifies for eBucks rewards.
  3. Investigate any potential technical issues that may have occurred during the transaction.

If you still cannot resolve the issue, it’s time to seek assistance from eBuck’s customer support team.

Customer Support Channels

eBucks offers various customer support channels; these include phone support, email, and live chat. You can contact the eBucks Contact Centre by calling 087 320 3200 (local) or +27 11 371 3711 (international), followed by 087 320 3200.

For a quick response and immediate assistance, consider using the live chat function available on the eBucks website or the FNB app. Additionally, email support is available for less urgent queries; simply click the “Submit” button on their “Contact Us” page and provide your eBucks-related inquiry.

Remember, reaching out to eBuck’s customer support channels is a valuable resource to help you track and resolve any rewards issues or obtain assistance with the FNB app, ensuring that you continue to reap the full benefits of the eBucks program.

Ebucks Rewards Partners

Retail Partnerships

The eBucks rewards programme is built on several strategic partnerships with various retailers, aimed at offering customers the opportunity to earn and spend eBucks through their everyday transactions. Retail giants like Shoprite, Checkers, and Clicks are among the many partners that allow you to accumulate points when using your eBucks card at the till.

In addition to these general retailers, eBucks partners also extend to specific product niches such as Apple and Samsung. This partnership with reputable tech brands ensures that eBucks customers have access to the latest gadgets and electronics while earning valuable points.

Exclusive Discounts and Offers

eBucks rewards programme members enjoy exclusive discounts and offers that can be found across various categories. These offers range from discounted grocery items at Shoprite and Checkers, to unique promotions on Apple and Samsung devices. Often, members can even get up to 40% off on selected items, providing great value for their loyalty.

These exclusive offers not only allow members to make the most out of their eBucks account but also allow them to earn and spend eBucks seamlessly at partnered locations. Be sure to keep an eye on the eBucks website and partner communications for new promotions, partnerships, and offers coming your way.

Additional Benefits and Tips

Using Ebucks in Financial Planning

eBucks Rewards programme provides a unique opportunity for FNB and RMB Private Bank clients to earn points and redeem them for various benefits. Embedding eBucks into your financial planning can add value to your overall financial health and goals. By integrating eBucks rewards into your everyday banking activities, such as using debit cards, paying bills, and purchasing from eBucks partners, you can accumulate points that can be used for future savings.

One practical approach to integrating eBucks into your financial planning is to allocate and track your rewards to specific financial commitments, such as an emergency fund or a long-term savings goal. As you combine your earned eBucks with these financial objectives, you bolster your overall financial stability and long-term security.

Summary of Key Practices to Earn and Spend

To optimise your eBucks rewards, consider the following practices:

  • Regularly use your qualifying FNB or RMB Private Bank account for transactions, bill payments, and purchases at partner stores to maximise eBucks earnings.
  • Increase your rewards level from 01 to 05 by achieving points through various goals provided by FNB. Higher rewards levels yield more eBucks per transaction, ranging from 10% up to 40% back on spend.
  • Book travel accommodations via eBucks Travel on the FNB App to access up to 40% off Avis car rentals (depending on your rewards level), as well as bonus Slow Lounge visits.
  • Utilise the FNB app to track your rewards and stay updated on eBucks partner deals, promotions and earning opportunities.

Security Tips for Rewards Programmes

As a participant in rewards programmes such as eBucks, ensuring the security of your account and personal information is of paramount importance. Take note of the following security measures to safeguard your eBucks rewards:

  1. Keep your online banking login credentials and personal information confidential.
  2. Regularly review your account statements and report any discrepancies or unauthorised transactions to FNB immediately.
  3. Subscribe to transaction notifications to stay informed about account activities.
  4. Be cautious of phishing emails or scams attempting to gain access to your rewards account or personal information. Always verify the source of communications related to your eBucks account.

By incorporating these practices and security measures, you can optimise your eBucks rewards and use them as a valuable tool in your financial planning while ensuring the safety of your account and personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Queries About Ebucks

What are eBucks and how do I earn them?

eBucks is a rewards programme offered by FNB (First National Bank) and RMB Private Bank in South Africa. You can earn eBucks by using your qualifying bank account for everyday activities such as shopping, refuelling, or purchasing airtime. The number of eBucks earned depends on your specific bank account type and the transaction method.

How do I qualify for earning eBucks?

To qualify for earning eBucks, you need to have a regular deposit made into your bank account. The deposit amount requirement may vary depending on your account type (e.g., R2,000 for the entry-level Easy account to R60,000 for Private Wealth customers).

Can I earn eBucks when I bank online?

Yes, you can qualify to earn eBucks up to reward level 2 even if you’re under 60 and don’t transact on the FNB App. If you meet the deposit/balance rule, the good standing rule, and transact via Online Banking, you are eligible to earn eBucks.

How do I spend the eBucks I’ve earned?

You can use your earned eBucks to make various purchases, such as for services and products, including travel. Spending your eBucks helps you save while you enjoy rewards from FNB and RMB Private Bank.

Do I need a debit order to earn eBucks?

Having a regular deposit into your bank account is necessary to qualify for earning eBucks. This deposit can be in the form of a debit order, salary deposit or other regular income sources depending on your account type.


Earning eBucks rewards through First National Bank (FNB) can be a beneficial way to gain additional value from your everyday banking activities. By understanding how the program works and focusing on eligible purchases, individuals can increase their trust and satisfaction in the system.

The eBucks rewards can be earned on a variety of transactions such as shopping, filling up petrol, and purchasing airtime. The more you utilise your bank card at partner establishments, the more eBucks you’re likely to accumulate. Additionally, the level of rewards earned depends on the account type and banking behaviours, so it is essential to choose the appropriate account for your needs.

To make the most of the rewards program, consider the following tips:

  • Optimise banking products: Review your FNB or RMB account to ensure you have the best package for earning eBucks.
  • Monitor spending habits: Be mindful of where you spend, focusing on partner merchants and establishments to maximise rewards.
  • Stay informed: Regularly check the eBucks website and FNB communications for updates on new partners and opportunities to earn.

In conclusion, the eBucks rewards program offered by FNB can lead to enhanced trust and satisfaction for customers who strategically plan their spending and banking activities. By staying informed and adapting to new earning opportunities, users can ensure they are making the most of this popular rewards system.


Financial and Rewards Programme Terminology

eBucks Rewards: eBucks is a loyalty programme launched by FNB (First National Bank) that allows customers to earn points, or eBucks, by performing certain transactions using their FNB bank accounts and credit cards. The eBucks earned can then be spent on various products and services available through the eBucks platform.

FNB: First National Bank (FNB) is one of South Africa’s top banks, known for its innovative banking solutions and customer service. FNB offers a range of financial products and services, including savings and investment accounts, credit cards, loans, and insurance.

App: The FNB mobile app is a convenient tool for customers to access their bank accounts, perform transactions, and manage their eBucks rewards. Through the app, users can keep track of their eBucks earned, view partner offers, and redeem eBucks for various rewards.

Credit Card: FNB offers a range of credit card products that cater to different customer needs. These credit cards can earn eBucks on qualifying purchases and transactions. The amount of eBucks earned is based on the type of account held and how the customers bank.

Tax: In the context of eBucks rewards, it is important to note that the rewards earned and redeemed through the programme may be subject to tax implications, depending on individual circumstances. Consult a tax professional for personalised advice.

Savings: FNB offers various savings accounts and products to help customers grow their wealth. These may include earning eBucks on certain qualifying transactions related to these savings products.

Investment: Investment refers to the act of allocating money with the expectation of generating an income or profit. FNB offers a variety of investment products, which may earn eBucks when managed through eligible FNB accounts.

To better understand the eBucks rewards programme, it is essential to familiarise oneself with these key terms and concepts. By being confident and knowledgeable about this terminology, customers can make the most of their eBucks earning and spending experience.

References and Resources

To make the most of earning eBucks rewards, it is essential to consult reputable sources and research tips and strategies. The following resources provide valuable information for those looking to maximise their eBucks earnings.

  1. Official eBucks website: The first, and perhaps most crucial, resource is the official eBucks website. This site offers comprehensive information on how the program works, along with details about earning and spending eBucks. It also provides a list of partners and promotions through which eBucks can be earned or redeemed. Visit the website at

  2. Earning eBucks is easy: This article gives a clear overview of the eBucks earning process. Information on how to use your bank card to earn eBucks and the percentage of eBucks you will earn based on your account type and banking behaviour. Access the article here.

  3. How eBucks works: Gain valuable insights into the many ways to earn eBucks, including shopping, transportation, FNB Connect contracts, prepaid purchases, and Forex. Additionally, learn how to earn up to 10% back in eBucks from participating eBucks partners. To explore this resource, click here.

  4. Five ways to get the most from eBucks: Moneyweb shares tips to maximise your eBucks earnings and highlights new methods introduced to earn points. Access their recommendations here.

  5. eBucks Rewards: Earn and Spend Effortlessly: Discover tips on how to make the most of your eBucks, including where to spend them to enjoy high-value offers on fuel, electronics, travel, and more. Read the article here.

By using these resources, one can confidently navigate the eBucks rewards landscape and optimise their rewards experience. However, it is essential to always stay informed about changes and updates within the program, as offering partners and methods to earn eBucks may change over time.

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