Taptap Send

Taptap Send is a global remittance service designed to make financial transactions across borders more accessible and efficient. It harnesses the convenience of a smartphone application to allow users to send money to mobile money wallets in several countries within Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America. With an emphasis on ease of use, Taptap Send offers a way for individuals to support friends and family abroad by simplifying the remittance process.

The service prioritises fast transfer speeds, low fees and transparent exchange rates. Users can transfer funds directly from their debit cards to the recipient’s mobile money accounts, providing a streamlined solution for international support. In a world where financial inclusion is paramount, Taptap Send stands out by offering its services with enhanced security measures, ensuring that every transaction is not only swift but also safe.

Information pertaining to supported countries, service rates, and user guidelines is readily available, ensuring that individuals have all the necessary details to make informed decisions about their money transfers. Taptap Send’s user-friendly platform demonstrates how technology is being leveraged in the financial sector to bridge gaps between diasporas and their home countries, fostering connectivity through financial support.

Taptap Send

Understanding Taptap Send

Taptap Send is a service offering a cost-effective and straightforward way for individuals to send money across borders, prioritising regions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Origins and Mission

Taptap Send was conceived out of a motivation to reduce the exorbitant fees associated with sending money to Africa. Its mission is to facilitate affordable and swift financial transactions from developed nations to emerging markets. The team behind Taptap Send includes co-founders Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus, who are committed to enhancing financial inclusion by making international money transfers as economical and convenient as possible.

The Taptap Send App

The Taptap Send app serves as the core user interface for conducting money transfers. To use the service, an individual downloads the app, signs up with their details, and inputs their recipient’s name and mobile number. The app is praised for its intuitive user interface which plays a significant role in fostering trust within the community.

  • Money transfer process involves:
    1. Downloading the app to a smartphone.
    2. Registering with personal information.
    3. Entering recipient details.
    4. Sending the money.

The app also supports sending iMessages, and its recent updates have streamlined the use of template variables for regular transactions. This functionality facilitates a more seamless experience for users frequently sending funds to the same recipients.

Setting Up Your Account

When registering for TapTap Send, the user needs only their phone and personal details to start. The registration process and adding of payment methods are simple and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth setup experience.

Registration Process

The user initiates the registration by downloading the TapTap Send app on their smartphone. During registration, one must provide their name, email address, and a phone number. It is crucial to review and accept the privacy policy which outlines how personal information is managed. After the initial details are submitted, a verification process via the submitted phone number secures the account.

Adding Payment Methods

Once registered, the user may proceed to add payment methods to their account. TapTap Send supports various payment options including debit cards and bank transfers. To add a card:

  1. Navigate to the payment methods section in the app.
  2. Choose to add a new payment method.
  3. Enter the card details, ensuring the name matches the one on the TapTap Send account.

For bank transfers, the app provides instructions specific to the user’s bank, guiding them through the setup to allow seamless transfers from their account.

How to Send Money

When sending money via TapTap Send, users can expect a process that is designed to be straightforward and efficient. There are several steps involved from selecting the recipient to completing the transfer. The app offers competitive rates and the convenience of managing transactions from a phone.

Selecting the Recipient

To initiate a transfer, the sender selects the recipient from their phone contacts or enters the details manually. For frequent transactions, users can save recipient information as favourites within the app, streamlining future transactions.

Choosing Payment Methods

The app allows users to choose from various payment methods:

  • Debit Card: Users may use their debit card details to fund the transfer.
  • Bank Transfers: Direct bank transfers are another option available to the users.

Users should select the payment method that best suits their convenience and financial preferences.

Transfer Completion

After selecting the recipient and the payment method, users simply enter the amount to send, review all details for accuracy, and then proceed to send the money. The transfer is usually completed quickly, allowing recipients to access the funds promptly, often within minutes.

Features and Services

TapTap Send offers a streamlined solution for international money transfers, focusing on competitive exchange rates, diverse delivery methods, and dedicated customer support to ensure user satisfaction and a seamless transaction experience.

Exchange Rates and Fees

TapTap Send prides itself on providing favourable exchange rates, ensuring that users receive the best possible value for their money. Fees are minimised, allowing for a cost-effective transfer process. When sending money abroad, it is essential to note the exchange rates applied, as these can significantly affect the amount the recipient gets. TapTap Send’s transparent pricing structure ensures that users are aware of the fees and rates before confirming their transactions.

Delivery Methods

The service excels in offering fast and secure delivery methods. Funds are predominantly sent to mobile money wallets, which supports swift transfers and convenience for both the sender and the recipient. Alternative delivery methods, such as cash pickup, might be available, providing flexibility to users with varying needs.

Customer Support

Should users encounter any issues or have queries, TapTap Send’s support system is accessible via its website or the app. Contacts can be reached for personalised assistance, ensuring users have guidance throughout the process. TapTap Send ensures an attentive and responsive customer support experience to resolve any concerns efficiently.

Global Reach

TapTap Send’s services span a considerable portion of the globe, focusing primarily on facilitating remittances to countries within Africa and Asia. They have taken a significant step in bridging the gap between individuals residing in more developed nations and their families in emerging markets.

Countries and Currencies

TapTap Send allows users from the UK, EU, USA, Canada, and UAE to send money to a diverse range of countries within Africa and Asia. They focus on ensuring that funds reach destinations that other remittance services often overlook, especially rural areas in these regions.

  • African destinations include, but are not limited to:

    • Ghana
    • Kenya
    • Morocco
    • Nigeria
  • Asian destinations include, among others:

    • Bangladesh
    • Vietnam

The company supports a variety of local currencies, assisting users to avoid exchange rate complexities and ensuring recipients receive funds in their domestic currency.

Partnership with Local Entities

To maximise its reach and efficiency, TapTap Send collaborates closely with local entities, including mobile money wallets and networks. These partnerships allow for faster transfer times, making it convenient for recipients in rural areas to access the funds sent to them without the need for traditional banking infrastructures.

  • They work with popular networks such as:

Competing with established players like Western Union and Ria, TapTap Send distinguishes itself by offering less expensive and more expedient transfer services to underserved markets, ensuring money sent has a positive impact on local economies in the global remittance ecosystem.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount for Taptap Send, an international money transfer service. Ensuring safety of payments and safeguarding user data is a continuous commitment, reflecting trust in their service.

Protecting Your Information

Encryption technology: Taptap Send employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to secure payment transactions.

Data storage: Users’ data resides on protected servers to prevent unauthorised access.

Password confidentiality: It is imperative for users to keep their account passwords private to uphold their personal security.

Compliance and Regulation

Regulatory adherence: Taptap Send conducts its operations under strict regulatory oversight, maintaining authorisation to handle money transmission across multiple countries.

Data protection compliance: Their adherence to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures users’ information is handled with the highest level of compliance.

Privacy policy: Users can refer to Taptap Send’s privacy policy for details on data usage, storage, rights, and protection measures. Contact information is available for those wishing to exercise their data rights or address privacy concerns.

Community and Development

Tap Tap Send is deeply embedded in community-focused initiatives and development projects aimed at fostering financial inclusion. The company’s efforts benefit from both philanthropic approaches and strategic partnerships.

Social Impact Initiatives

Tap Tap Send emerged as a fintech solution aimed at enhancing the ease and affordability of cross-border money transfers into emerging markets. The company’s track record in philanthropy, through its association with GiveDirectly, has positioned it as a force for positive community impact. GiveDirectly, known for its philanthropic endeavours, provides direct cash transfers to the needy, and Tap Tap Send builds on this legacy by offering a robust channel for individuals to send money swiftly and cost-effectively. This aligns with the World Bank’s focus on the importance of reducing remittance costs to promote financial inclusion, especially in the context of COVID-19.

Ongoing Projects

Tap Tap Send has consistently received funding to strengthen its cross-border remittance services. Recent growth funding, amounting to $65 million, was driven by Spark Capital and received participation from entities including Canaan Partners and Reid Hoffman. These funds are assigned to further technological development and expansion of services, considering the company’s commitment to community support and development. One of the ongoing projects involves expanding the platform’s reach, thus facilitating easier access to funds for families and businesses, particularly in Africa and Asia, during challenging economic periods amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technical Aspects

Within the framework of Taptap Send’s app, technical aspects such as synchronising with iCloud and managing group transactions are integral to providing a seamless user experience. The app’s design ensures secure and efficient operations, tailoring its functionalities to accommodate individual and group remittance needs.

Synchronising with iCloud

Taptap Send’s app incorporates iCloud sync to ensure that users’ transaction histories and recipient details are safely backed up and accessible across all their Apple devices. Synchronisation happens automatically, reflecting the changes in real-time, which offers continuity and ease of access, critical for users who rely on the app for frequent money transfers.

Group Transactions

Taptap Send has implemented a feature to handle group transactions, allowing users to send money to multiple recipients simultaneously. This function is particularly useful for users who regularly support several family members or friends. The app utilises templates to streamline the process, enabling users to create and manage groups efficiently, and execute batch transactions with a few taps.

  • Creating groups:

    • Users can create a group by selecting the recipients within the app.
    • Each group can be named and customised using templates.
  • Sending funds:

    • The user selects the group template and enters the amount.
    • The app then distributes the funds to all the recipients listed in the group.

Taptap Send’s app is designed to make both syncing with iCloud and conducting group transactions intuitive, safeguarding data integrity and simplifying complex transactions for its users.

Additional Features

Tap Tap Send app provides users with enhanced features that cater to personalisation and extend functionality through integrations.

Personalisation Options

The app includes numerous personalisation features tailored to improve the user’s experience. Templates are available, allowing for quick access and reuse of common transaction details, thus saving time. Additionally, users may benefit from customisable iMessage templates, which simplify sending transaction information through iMessages, making personal transactions more efficient and user-friendly.

Integrations and Extensions

Tap Tap Send has embraced integrations that offer a more seamless experience for its users. Enhanced URL schemes lead to a smoother experience within the app itself and when linking to other applications. Further, improvements to the app’s usability on iPads have been implemented, ensuring that users have a consistent experience across different devices. Users benefit from a multi-select feature that streamlines batch operations within the app, indicative of Segovia‘s commitment to creating a robust and functional application.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries regarding the Taptap Send application, aiming to provide concise and useful information for current and prospective users.

How can I download the Taptap Send application?

The Taptap Send application is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Users can find it by searching for ‘Taptap Send’ in their respective app store.

What are the reviews saying about Taptap Send’s service?

Reviews often discuss the app’s convenience and the efficacy of its service across various platforms. Exact sentiments and ratings should be checked on the app store or review sites for up-to-date feedback.

How does one obtain a promo code for Taptap Send?

Taptap Send occasionally offers promo codes through partnerships or special promotions. Users can also check the app or the company’s newsletters for any ongoing promo code offers.

What customer service options does Taptap Send offer?

Taptap Send provides multiple customer service options. Users can access support through the app by opening the Menu and selecting ‘Support.’ Contact details are also available for direct communication.

Who is the current CEO of Taptap Send?

The CEO of Taptap Send is Michael Faye.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer using Taptap Send?

The maximum amount a user can transfer using Taptap Send varies based on the country of origin and destination. For precise limits, users should consult the Taptap Send app or support team.

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